Frequently Asked Questions 

Chapter 4

Investment Information


Market Price



How can investors obtain real-time securities and derivatives prices?

HKEX’s market data is disseminated through authorised information vendors. Individuals or institutions who would like to subscribe for HKEX’s market data can contact the authorised information vendors directly.

Authorised information vendors are incorporated in different jurisdictions. Investors can compare and subscribe to their services subject to their local regulations.

HKEX’s Mainland China Discount Programme allows Mainland investors to subscribe to market data services at discounted prices. Investors should note that the discounted price only includes the fees for HKEX’s market data, excluding the service fees charged by information vendors. The final subscriber fees are determined by individual information vendors according to the values added to individual agreements and its costs.

For details of information vendors and the Mainland China Discount Programme, please visit “Data Products” under “Products & Services” at the HKEX website.



How can investors obtain historical prices of securities and derivative products?

Investors can search prices and price movements of individual securities, futures and options with a 15-minute delay, including the highest and lowest prices, and the nominal price and turnover of the day, from the “Investment Service Centre” at the HKEX website.

The “Investor Service Centre” also provides information about closing prices, turnovers, the highest and lowest prices of securities, futures and options in the past 12 months.

In addition, investors can search stock price movement and turnover in the past 24 months from the Price Movement section under the “China Stock Markets Web” of the HKEX website, and also compare the stock price with the related securities (including A shares and derivative warrants) or market indices on the page of the search result.

Furthermore, the “Statistics & Research” section of the HKEX website offers detailed data and information, including the Daily Quotations of the securities market and the Daily Market Report of the derivatives market that are uploaded onto the website in the evening of every trading day.