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TAK LEE MACH (8142 )
Company/Securities Name: Tak Lee Machinery Holdings Ltd.
Principal Activities: Provide comprehensive services for earthmoving equipment users in Hong Kong, including sale of new and used earthmoving equipment and spare parts, leasing of earthmoving equipment, and provision of maintenance and ancillary services. 
Chairman: Chow Luen Fat 
Principal Office: DD 111, Lot No.117
Sheung Che Village
Pat Heung, Yuen Long
New Territories, Hong Kong 
Place Incorporated: Cayman Islands  
Listing Category: Primary Listing  
Industry Classification: Industrials - Industrial Engineering - Heavy Industrial Machinery (HSIC*)  
Registrar: Tricor Investor Services Ltd. 
Listing Date : 27/7/2017 
Trading Currency: HKD 
Authorised Shares: 10,000,000,000  
Issued Shares:
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(as at 30/9/2017)  
Par Value: HKD 0.0100  
Board Lot: 10000 
Market Capitalisation: HKD 375,000,000  
Financial Data (Extracted from Company's Final Results)
Financial Year End Date: 31/7/2017 
Net Asset Value: HKD 277,135,000 
Net Profit (Loss): HKD 12,101,000 
Earnings per Share: HKD 0.0161 
Last Updated: 21/10/2017  

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Date Announced Ex-date Details Financial year end B/C date Payment date*
16/10/2017   No Fin Div
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