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Company/Securities Name: Guodian Technology & Environment Group Corporation Ltd.-H Sh
Principal Activities: Environmental protection and energy conservation solutions, and renewable energy equipment manufacturing and solutions. 
Chairman: Chen Dongqing 
Principal Office: Suite 1101, 11/F Building No 1
Block No16 Xi Si Huan Zhong Rd
Haidian District, Beijing, PRC 
Place Incorporated: PRC  
Listing Category: Primary Listing  
Industry Classification: Industrials - Industrial Engineering - Environmental Engineering (HSIC*)  
Registrar: Computershare Hong Kong Investor Services Ltd. 
Listing Date : 30/12/2011 
Trading Currency: HKD 
Authorised Shares: N/A  
Issued Shares:
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(as at 31/8/2017)  
Par Value: RMB 1.0000  
Board Lot: 1000 
Market Capitalisation: HKD 759,666,600 (H Shares only)  
Financial Data (Extracted from Company's Final Results)
Financial Year End Date: 31/12/2016 
Net Asset Value: RMB 4,918,831,000 
Net Profit (Loss): RMB 302,372,000 
Earnings per Share: RMB 0.0499 
Last Updated: 21/9/2017  

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* Industry Classification (HSIC) is provided by Hang Seng Indexes Company Limited. Please see the Disclaimer and the Important Notes.

Date Announced Ex-date Details Financial year end B/C date Payment date*
28/08/2017   No Int Div
30/03/2017   No Fin Div
30/08/2016   No Int Div
29/03/2016   No Fin Div
28/08/2015   No Int Div
27/03/2015   No Fin Div
24/08/2014   No Int Div
28/03/2014 20/05/2014   Fin Div RMB 0.017
(equivalent to HKD 0.02138)
31/12/2013   22/05/2014 - 26/05/2014   15/08/2014  
23/08/2013   No Int Div
28/03/2013 24/05/2013   Fin Div RMB 0.02
(equivalent to HKD 0.02503)
31/12/2012   28/05/2013 - 01/06/2013   21/08/2013  
24/08/2012   No Int Div
27/03/2012   No Fin Div
  * Payment date may be indicative only.

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