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SGCNOOC@EC1804A (29950)
Company/Securities Name: SG Issuer - CNOOC European Warrants Apr 2018 A  
Description: SG Issuer, Derivative, European, CNOOC call 
Amount Outstanding: 40,000,000 Units
(as at 24/8/2017) 
Board Lot: 1000 
Subscription Rights per Unit: HKD 9.880 
Subscription price/Strike price: HKD 9.880 
Entitlement Ratio*: 1.000 
Subscription Period: 6/4/2018 
Underlying Stock Code: 883  
Listing Date : 24/8/2017 
Trading Currency: HKD 
Last Updated: 19/10/2017  


* The entitlement ratio in general represents the number of warrants required to be exercised into one share or one unit of the underlying asset (subject to any adjustments as may be necessary to reflect any capitalization, rights issue, distribution or the like).