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Our Role

We are committed to performing our public duty to ensure orderly and fair markets and that risks are managed prudently, consistent with the public interest and, in particular, the interests of the investing public.  Our Exchange is able to offer a transparent and well-regulated market for companies of all types and sizes to list their shares.  Investors can also participate in the growth of both local and overseas companies listed on our Exchange in the confident knowledge that they are investing in a market that meets international standards.

The Ideal Capital Formation Market for Companies with Chinese and Asian Business Ties 

The first state-owned Mainland Chinese enterprise was listed in Hong Kong in 1993. Since then, we have been a key capital formation market for Mainland companies from a wide spectrum of industries and regions. As China’s international financial centre, Hong Kong is the country’s key link to the global market and plays a pivotal role in the Mainland’s economic development.

Under our Strategic Plan for 2010-2012, we are committed to attracting new listings from Greater China and other important markets. While we will continue to be a major listing centre for Mainland Chinese companies, we expect more and more international companies with an Asian nexus to consider listing in Hong Kong, so they can gain access to investors and funds in Asia. We aim to continue growing as a leading international market for listing and trading securities.