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CCASS Processing and Data Files

Q48 When will the uploaded SI / ISI files be validated by CCASS/3?

SI / ISIs files uploaded to CCASS/3 will be validated on an ad hoc basis.  Subject to the size of the upload file, Participants will receive their SI / ISI Batch Input Control Reports shortly after they have uploaded their SI / ISI files.  The ad hoc validation process will allow more time for Participants to rectify their SI/ISI transactions if necessary.

Q49 For SI validation, will CCASS/3 validate a SI if its relevant counterparty is yet to input the opposite SI?

CCASS/3 will validate any SI file uploaded to the system, regardless of whether the relevant counterparty has input an opposite SI or not.

Q50 How do Participants verify the correctness of their Back office System (BOS) regarding their upload files and/or report data download files?

Participants should follow the detailed specifications provided by HKEX to develop / modify their BOS for the generation of upload files or the process of report data download files with reference to the specified format.  The specified format and samples files are available in HKEX website.

Q51 Can Participants use MS Word to read report data file downloaded from CCASS/3?

CCASS/3 report data files are pure ASCII files (not MS-word document files).  Therefore Participants are recommended to use “Notepad” (Window accessories software) to view and print the report data files instead of using MS word.

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