After-Hours Futures Trading 


The After-Hours Futures Trading session for Equity Index Products & RMB Currency Futures has been extended to 11:45pm Hong Kong time starting on 3 November 2014 (Monday). The extension increase the overlap with markets in the North America and Europe to give investors more time to respond to global market news and activities. Meanwhile, the After-Hours Futures Trading session for Commodities Products is operating until 1:00am (next day).

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Post Launch Review of After-Hours Futures Trading
News Release: HKEX to Introduce After-hours Trading of Mini HSI Futures and Mini HHI Futures
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Introduction of After-Hours Futures Trading
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For further information, please contact:

HKATS Hotline: 2211 6360
DCASS Hotline: 2979 7222
Trading Division: 2211 6131