Derivatives Trading Infrastructure 

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HKATS and DCASS Upgrade
Trading Arrangements After the Launch of Closing Auction Session in the Securities Market
Volatility Control Mechanism (VCM)
Pre-Trade Risk Management (PTRM) System in Derivatives Market
Trading Mechanism
Pre-Market Opening Period
Block Trade Facility 
Frequently Asked Questions on Standard Combination and Block Trade
Trading System – HKATS
CLICK Trade Installation Guide
OAPI Technical Documentations *
List of OAPI Developers
HKATS System Training Course
Application Forms
Application for HKATS Production / Testing Circuit
CLICK Workstation Installation/Termination Request Form (HKFE / SEHK)
HKATS Exchange Participant Contact List (HKFE / SEHK)
Emergency Contact List
Contact List for Pre-Trade Risk Management System
Authorised Signatories (HKFE)
HKATS Usernames for Access to HKATS (HKFE / SEHK)
OAPI Application Form and Test Script
Application for OAPI Connection on HKATS
Application for Access to Testing Environment
Request for OAPI Certification Test
Declaration of Readiness for HKATS OMnet API Program
Request for HKATS Risk Functions (“PTRM”) Connection
Request for Login / Transaction Test Outside Office Hours (HKFE / SEHK)
Securities and Derivatives Network (SDNet/2)


* Due to the licensing obligations between HKEX and the software vendor, access to the HKATS OAPI technical documentations is limited. Please contact or HKATS Hotline at (852) 2211 6360 if you wish to download the documentations.