HKEX Orion 


What is HKEX Orion?

HKEX Orion is a transformative programme comprising new platforms and facilities that will further elevate HKEX’s position as a leading global exchange. This multi-million dollar investment is designed to revolutionise HKEX’s core trading platforms, including connectivity networks, a state-of-the-art data centre, and systems providing order matching, market data dissemination and market access services.  

Key Benefits of HKEX Orion

HKEX Orion marks a major transformation in market access, connectivity, speed and efficiency. It will build a bigger market that will benefit all participants.

Brokers and Investors

This technology will provide state-of-the-art infrastructure for market access, speed and functionality. Brokers and investors will experience a more efficient infrastructure,
improved price information, reduced costs, new services and functionality, and faster trade execution. 


Issuers will have the unique opportunity to reach investor bases in China, across Asia and internationally, and will experience greater liquidity.

Finance Industry Service Providers

Finance industry service providers will have the opportunity to participate in the hosted financial ecosystem, generating a multitude of business opportunities.


Key Features

  • Higher bandwidth to support future market growth
  • Introduction of multiple vendors for competitive pricing
Data Centre
  • State-of-the-art purpose built facility, owned and operated by HKEX
  • Consolidation of legacy HKEX data centres
Hosting Services
  • Low latency access to HKEX platforms
  • Tier-4 standard hosted ecosystem


Securities Platform

Trading System

  • Revision of legacy functionality and introduction of enhancements
  • Lower latency and higher capacity for future market growth
Market Access
  • Cost reduction through elimination of HKEX broker-side gateway footprint
  • Additional functionality, including FIX support and drop copy
Market Data
  • Ultra-low latency pricing information
  • Suite of market data products to meet diverse customer needs


Derivatives Platform
Trading System    
  • Increased capacity to support expansion of market maker programme and stock options trading
  • Industry leading low latency trading platform
Clearing System
  • Significant increase in performance and throughput capacity to support market growth
  • Faster response time to daily operational processing
Market Data
  • Utra-low latency pricing information
  • Suite of market data products to meet diverse customer needs


For more information please refer to our fact sheets