Daily Risk Parameter File ("RPF")

On each trading day, HKEX generates RPF for the margin calculations (Please refer to the PRiME Margining Guide for details of the margining methodology) at Clearing House level for products cleared by HKCC and SEOCH.

There are 3 types of RPF namely, Intra-day RPF (i.e. rpi______-_____-__-_____-yymmdd-hhmm.lis,), Early RPF (i.e. rpp______-_____-__-_____-yymmdd.lis,) and Final RPF (i.e. rpf______-_____-__-_____-yymmdd.lis,). Intra-day RPF is used for intra-day margin calculations whereas both Early and Final RPF are for end-of-day margin calculations.

Under normal circumstances, Intra-day RPF will be made available for download as soon as practicable after each intra-day margin call (if any). Early and Final RPF will be available at approximately 18:30 of that particular trading day and no later than 09:00 of the next trading day respectively.

All RPF of the same trading day are compressed into a single zip file (i.e. RPF_yymmdd.zip).

Click the Date below to select the file of a specific date to be downloaded.

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