AMS/3.8 and MDS/3.8 System Upgrades 

AMS/3.8 system upgrade aims to achieve an initial capacity of 30,000 orders per second (scalable to 150,000 orders per second if necessary), as well as an average order processing latency of 9 milliseconds, to deliver significant advancement in the capacity and performance of the securities market infrastructure.

The project also involves further upgrade of the Market Data System (MDS/3.8) for performance alignment with AMS/3.8 and further development of HKEx's market data platform to support new multicast datafeed products to meet increasing market demand for faster and deeper market data.  The new multicast datafeed products will be rolled out progressively after the launch of the MDS/3.8.

Both AMS/3.8 and MDS/3.8 were rolled out on 5 December 2011.

AMS/3.8 System Upgrade

MDS/3.8 System Upgrade