AMS/3 System Training Course 

Terminal Training Course

The terminal training provides intensive hands-on training/practice on the keyboard skills required for the operation of the AMS Trading Terminals.

Multi-Workstation (MWS) Workshop

The workshop is conducted to familiarise the candidates with the operations of MWS.

MWS workshop contains several sessions which may be attended by different applicants (such as Trader, Supervisor and System Administrator).

MWS Practice Session

The MWS classroom practice session is offered to assist the candidates to be more conversant with the MWS operation after completing the MWS Workshop.

All the above training course, workshop and practice session are jointly organized by HKEx and HKSI.  Interested EPs please visit HKSI website at for details and call HKSI's Training Hotline at 3120 6200 for course enrolment.