HKEX Derivatives Market Data Distribution Partnership Programme: Information Vendor List 

The following information vendors (IVs) have participated in HKEX Derivatives Market Data Distribution Partnership Programme and they are providing real-time data of derivatives products including the newly launched products (i.e. RMB Currency Futures, London Metal Mini Futures, and selected stock futures) on their key service platforms.  Investors are encouraged to visit the IVs’ websites and contact the IVs for more details of their services.

(The IVs are listed in alphabetical order)

Name of IV Website Product Information Contact Details Derivatives Product Access Code /Shanghai DZH

Name: Grace Shi
Tel: (86) 21 20219999 / (86) 21 20219988

Stock Futures

RMB Currency Futures

London Aluminium Mini Futures

London Zinc Mini Futures

London Copper Mini Futures

London Nickel Mini Futures

London Tin Mini Futures

London Lead Mini Futures


East Money Information

Name: Chen Yiwen
Tel: (86) 13761431167

Hexin Flush Financial Information Network

Name: Xu Bin
Tel: (86) 18758000607

Pobo Financial Information

Name: Lu Gang
Tel: (86) 21 20339077

Shanghai Qianlong Advanced Technology

Name: Zhang Qiang
Tel: (86) 21 58369258

Shanghai Wind Information

Name: Chen Wei
Tel: (86) 21 68882280

For more details of the Partnership Programme and HKEX Data Products, please click here.