Securities and Derivatives Network (SDNet/2) 

Securities and Derivatives Network (SDNet) is an integrated Optical Ethernet network infrastructure for supporting HKEX securities and derivatives trading, clearing and settlement, market data services.

SDNet/1 was first launched in 2005 and followed by the upgrade to SDNet/2 in 2012. SDNet/2 is designed for high resilience, higher bandwidth options and lowered network round-trip latency, and SDNet/2 is being supported by multiple carriers, known as Accredited Vendors.


  Securities Market (AMS/3, Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect)

  Derivatives Market (HKATS, DCASS)

  Cash Clearing and Settlement / Collateral Management (CCASS/CCMS)

  Market Data (OMD-C, OMD-D, IIS)



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