A-shares ETF Futures 
Three A-shares ETF Futures:
CSOP FTSE China A50 ETF (2822),
iShares FTSE A50 China Index ETF (2823) and
China AMC CSI 300 Index ETF (3188).
are available for trading from 10 June 2013 (Monday).

The rollout of the three new stock futures contracts will give HKEx its first stock futures on A-share ETFs, the contracts will provide investors with more choice in Mainland-related equity derivatives, and they will complement HKEx’s stock options on the three A-share ETFs as well as the ETFs themselves.

Trading information:

Key advantages of A-shares ETF futures include:

  • Leveraged exposure on China Market
    Margin required to carry a futures position is only a fraction of the value of the underlying instrument, hedging and trading activities can be conducted with a smaller capital outlay.

  • Lower trading cost (no stamp duty)
    Stamp duties are not applicable to stock futures trading in general, hence reduce the cost of entering and exiting a position.

  • Complement with A-shares ETF options for hedging and position management
    A cost-effective product to manage risk on A-shares portfolio.
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