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Corporate Governance – Director and Company Secretary’s Roles

1. Corporate Governance – Who is Responsible? < Play Video >
2. Support for the Board < Play Video >
3. Selecting the Right Company Secretary  < Play Video >
4. Managing Inside Information < Play Video >
5. Board Secretaries            < Play Video >
6. External Service Provider as Company Secretary < Play Video >
7. Practical tips < Play Video >

The information in these webcasts does not form part of the Listing Rules, nor does it amend or vary any Rule requirements, or absolve issuers and/or their directors of any obligations to make their own judgment. Copyright of these webcasts belongs to Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX). Any form of unauthorised distribution, reproduction, publication, release or quotation is prohibited without HKEX’s written permission.

Updated 03 Oct 2017

Updated 03 Oct 2017