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ESG Resources Hyperlinks

(in alphabetical order under each category)
International Guidelines / References on ESG Reporting
  • Climate Change Information Request and Water Information Request, published by CDP (
  • GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards, published by Global Reporting Initiative (
  • ISO 26000:2010 Guidance on Social Responsibility, published by International Organization for Standardization (
  • Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, published by Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (
    Calculation Methods for Environmental KPIs
    Air Emissions
  • The Clean Air Charter – A Business Handbook, published by The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce and the Hong Kong Business Coalition on the Environment
    Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Carbon Accounting Tools published by the Environmental Protection Department of the Hong Kong SAR
  • Carbon Audit Toolkit for Small and Medium Enterprises in Hong Kong, published by The University of Hong Kong and City University of Hong Kong
  • EMFAC-HK Vehicle Emission Calculation Tool by Environmental Protection Department (“EPD”)
  • 2014 Emission Factors for purchased electricity within Mainland China, published by Climate Change Info-Net (Simplified Chinese version only)
  • Greenhouse Gas Protocol – Calculation Tools
  • Guidelines to Account for and Report on Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Removals for Buildings (Commercial, Residential or Institutional Purposes) in Hong Kong, published by EPD and Electrical and Mechanical Services Department
  • MOBILE6.1 Particulate Emission Factor Model Technical Description – Final Report, published by the United States Environmental Protection Agency
    Water Consumption and Intensity
  • Guidance for Companies Reporting on Water on behalf of Investors & Supply Chain Members 2015, published by CDP
    ESG Resource Providers / ESG Initiatives
    Hong Kong Government and Related Programmes
  • EPD Carbon Footprint Repository  
  • ICAC Anti-Corruption Programme – A Guide for Listed Companies
    NGOs and International ESG Initiatives
  • Linking the GRI Standards and HKEX ESG Reporting Guide

  • Business Environment Council
  • CarbonSmart Programme
  • United Nations Global Compact
  • United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment
  • World Business Council for Sustainable Development

    Updated 06 Nov 2017