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ESG Training Webcasts (2014)

In August 2012 the Exchange introduced the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Reporting Guide (Appendix 27 of the Main Board Rules and Appendix 20 of the GEM Rules) as a recommended practice. The Exchange recommends all issuers that have not started ESG reporting to start the process. We will review the issuers’ level of ESG reporting in Q3 this year and consult the market on upgrading some recommended disclosures to “comply or explain” by 2015.

To promote and help issuers with ESG reporting, the Exchange provided 12 sessions of ESG training to issuers in September/October 2013. To further assist issuers, we have recorded a series of eight ESG training webcasts which aim to provide more in-depth and practical insights on how to do ESG reporting. A total of eight speakers, four specialists and four company representatives will share their expertise and experience on the four main subject areas in the ESG Reporting Guide.

A.1 Workplace qualityMr Hendrik Rosenthal – Business Environment Council
A.2 Workplace qualityMs Wendy W.Y. Yung –Hysan Development Co. Ltd.
B.1 Environmental protectionMs Chaoni Huang –Trucost PLC
B.2 Environmental protectionMr Sky Ng – Hopewell Holdings Ltd.
C.1 Operating practicesMs Hannah Routh – PwC
C.2 Operating practicesMs. Pamela C. M. Mar - Fung Group
D.1 Community involvementMs Agnes K. Y. Tai – Great Glory Strategies Ltd.
D.2 Community involvementMr Bill Wang - Standard Chartered Bank

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