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Contact Persons in HKEX Listing Department for Pre-IPO Enquiry and IPO Processing

The IPO Vetting Team of the Listing Department is responsible for processing applications for new equity listings including transactions by listed companies deemed to be new listings.  In addition, it assists IPO Advisory and Projects Team of the Listing Department in processing pre-IPO enquiries relating to new equity listings.  The existing Listing Rules require that a substantially complete application proof and certain documents to be submitted to the Listing Department with the listing application form.  The relevant rules, the required documents and the guidance on interpretation and procedures are set out in Rule Changes to Complement New Sponsor Regulation

Pre-IPO enquiry contact persons

In the context of preparing a potential applicant for listing, if the issuer and its Sponsor have queries regarding the interpretation of the Listing Rules which are novel and specific, the Sponsor or the issuer may contact the Listing Department to seek further guidance. The Listing Department requires the name of the potential applicant to be stated, and reserves the right to require that any query be submitted to it in writing, accompanied by such information or documentation as the Listing Department deems appropriate or necessary.  

For pre-IPO enquiries, you may contact one of the following persons using the details below.

Grace Kan, Managing Director
Lin Shi, Managing Director
Eugene Yeoh, Senior Vice President
Catherine Choi, Vice President
Florence Tsang, Vice President
Lan Yao, Vice President    
Lewis To, Vice President
Liza Ko, Vice President    
Li Muzhi, Vice President    
Maria Chan, Vice President
Miranda Mak, Vice President
Oh Kuan Yu, Vice President
Phoebe Chan, Vice President

General telephone number :

2522 1122
General fax numbers :

2295 0198 / 2295 0590 / 2295 3599
Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited,
12/F Two Exchange Square,
8 Connaught Place,
Central, Hong Kong
IPO processing contact persons

When a listing application is made to the Exchange, a case number will be assigned to the applicant and the sponsor will be notified with the contact details of the vetting team.  For any enquiries relating to the applicant, the sponsor should contact the vetting team.

Updated 10 Nov 2018