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01/10/2013 Guidance on accelerated procedures for reviewing a Listing Division and Listing Committee’s decision to return a listing application (GL61-13) (Updated in September 2014 and September 2020) Guidance Letter New Applicants
17/10/2014 Guidance on confirmations required on the accountants’ report, pro forma financial information and profit forecast in Application Proofs and subsequent draft listing documents (GL58-13) (Updated in September and October 2014 and February 2019) Guidance Letter New Applicants
01/10/2013 Guidance on logistical arrangements for publication of Application Proofs, Post Hearing Information Packs (“PHIP”) and related materials on the Exchange’s Website for listing applicants (GL57-13) (Updated February, March, June and September 2014, November 2016, February 2018, and March and July 2019) Guidance Letter New Applicants
23/07/2013 Guidance on (i) disclosure requirements for substantially complete Application Proofs; and (ii) publication of Application Proofs and Post Hearing Information Packs on the Exchange’s website (GL56-13) (Updated in September 2013 and February, March, June, September 2014 and August 2015, May and November 2016, August 2017 and July 2018) Guidance Letter New Applicants
01/10/2013 Guidance on Documentary Requirements and Administrative Matters for New Listing Application (Equity) (GL55-13) (Updated in September 2013, February and March 2014, December 2016, February and July 2018) Guidance Letter New Applicants