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Physical Delivery for Gold Futures

The chain of integrity is maintained throughout gold delivery.

All Deliverable Metals must be certified by a Recognised Refiner and must be accompanied by documentation issued by the HKCC Participant or its Recognised Forwarder, evidencing that the Deliverable Metals have been shipped or transported to an Approved Depository by a Recognised Forwarder from another Approved Depository, a Recognised Assayer, Recognised Refiner or a Recognised Depository.

Deliverable Metals shall be placed into an Approved Depository.

Delivery Approach


Participants who plan to physical settle the Gold Futures Contracts are required to maintain accounts with all Approved Depositories designated by HKCC for gold delivery, or have in place the necessary arrangement with another HKCC Participant who maintains accounts with all Approved Depositories for the delivery of the underlying gold in the final settlement of the gold futures contracts (“Physical Delivery Participants”).

Upon final settlement, the underlying gold will be earmarked on the business day after the Last Trading Day, and will then be transferred from the selling HKCC Participant’s account to the buying HKCC Participant’s account with the Approved Depository on the Final Settlement Day. Detailed arrangements on final settlement; please refer to “Derivatives Settlement Services

Updated 02 Aug 2019