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List of HKFE EPs eligible to trade commodities products

Readiness Test for London Metal Mini Futures

In order to facilitate Participants to verify their trading and clearing activities as well as associated operations in handling the Asia Commodities products (see press release dated 22 April 2014), HKEX conducted two Readiness Tests on Saturday 27 September and 8 November 2014 respectively (Reference is made to the circulars (ref: ACD/004/14 dated 29 August 2014 and ACD/005/14 dated 22 October 2014)).

Only the Participants who complete all related system tests for trading and clearing systems as prescribed by the Exchange, including certification and Readiness Tests, and have completed the setup of prescribed bank accounts are allowed to trade Asia Commodities Futures contracts upon launch.

72 Participants successfully completed the Readiness Test for both Trading and Clearing and have RMB settlement bank accounts set up with HKCC. These Participants1 include: 

RMB settlement bank account
1 ABN AMRO Clearing Hong Kong Ltd Yes
2 ASA Securities Ltd Yes
3 BOCOM International Securities Ltd Yes
4 Bright Smart Futures & Commodities Co. Ltd Yes
5 CCB International Securities Ltd Yes
6 Celestial Commodities Ltd Yes
7 CES Capital International (Hong Kong) Co Ltd Yes
8 Changjiang Futures (HK) Ltd Yes
9 Chief Commodities Ltd Yes
10 China Everbright Forex & Futures (HK) Ltd Yes
11 China Galaxy International Futures (Hong Kong) Co Ltd Yes
12 China International Capital Corporation Hong Kong Futures Ltd Yes
13 China Investment Securities International Futures Limited Yes
14 Chow Sang Sang Futures Ltd Yes
15 Cinda International Futures Ltd Yes
16 CITIC Securities Futures (HK) Ltd Yes
17 Citigroup Global Markets Asia Ltd Yes
18 Core Pacific-Yamaichi Futures (HK) Ltd Yes
19 CSC Futures (HK) Ltd Yes
20 FP Sino-Rich Securities & Futures Ltd Yes
21 Fulbright Futures Ltd Yes
22 GF Futures (Hong Kong) Co., Limited Yes
23 Glory Sky Global Markets Ltd Yes
24 Grand Investment (Futures) Ltd Yes
25 Haitong International Futures Ltd Yes
26 HSBC Broking Futures (Hong Kong) Limited Yes
27 I-Access Investors Ltd Yes
28 iSTAR International Futures Co Ltd Yes
29 KGI Futures (Hong Kong) Limited Yes
30 Kim Eng Futures (Hong Kong) Ltd Yes
31 Kingsway Financial Services Group Ltd Yes
32 Marigold International Securities Ltd Yes
33 Merrill Lynch Far East Ltd Yes
34 Nanhua Futures (Hong Kong) Co., Limited Yes
35 Newedge Financial Hong Kong Ltd Yes
36 Orient Futures (Hong Kong) Ltd Yes
37 Qilu International Futures Ltd Yes
38 Shenyin Wanguo Futures (HK) Ltd Yes
39 South China Commodities Ltd Yes
40 Tung Shing Futures (Brokers) Limited Yes
41 Wing Fung Futures Ltd Yes
42 Yue Xiu Futures Co Ltd Yes
[1]Participants refer to Participants of HKFE and HKCC. These Participants successfully completed the Readiness Test held by HKEX either on 27 September 2014 or 8 November 2014 and confirmed their readiness for trading and clearing transactions in Asian Commodities Futures, and authorised HKEX and its subsidiaries to publish their confirmation information on the HKEX website or via other channels for public information. 

Investors should consult their own brokers to see if they could provide trading access to London Metal Mini Futures.

Updated 14 Jan 2019