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The MSCI Japan Index is designed to measure the performance of the large and mid-cap segments of the Japanese market, covering about 85% of the free float-adjusted market capitalisation in Japan. 


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Contract Summary


Underlying Index MSCI Japan Index
Trading Currency JPY
Index Currency JPY
Contract Multiplier JPY 2,500 per index point
Minimum Fluctuation 0.2
Contract Months Spot, next calendar month and the following 4 quarterly months
Last Trading Day (LTD) The trading day immediately preceding the second Friday of the contract month. If the Last Trading Day falls on a Japan public holiday, the Last Trading Day will be the preceding trading day which is also a business day in Japan.
Trading Hours 9:00 am-4:30 pm (T); 5:15 pm-3:00 am (T+1)
(Expiring contract month closes at 2:25 pm on the LTD)

This contract can be traded on Hong Kong public holidays (except for the holiday of New Year’s Day).
Final Settlement Price The official closing value of the underlying index for the LTD, rounded to the nearest 2 decimal places if the figure in the third decimal place is 5 or above and rounded down to the nearest 2 decimal places if it is below 5
Transaction Costs Exchange Fee JPY 65
Commission Levy JPY 8
Commission Rate Negotiable
US Person's Eligibility CFTC certified

Trading Fees & Commission


Exchange Fee JPY 65 per contract per side
Commission Levy JPY 8 per contract per side
Investor Compensation Levy The collection of Investor Compensation Levy is currently suspended and no person is required to pay since 2005.
Total JPY 73 per contract per side
Commission Negotiable

The amount indicated above is subject to change.

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