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Naming Conventions of Stock Short Name and Stock Code Allocation Plan for CBBCs

Note: The following naming conventions are applicable in most cases but are not exclusive for all circumstances.


Naming Conventions of Callable Bull/Bear Contracts (CBBCs) 

Z Z # Q Q Q Q Q N C Y Y M M A
 Or (traded in Renminbi)
Z Z # Q Q Q Q N C Y Y M M A

ZZ Issuer's short name
# CBBC indicator
Q Up to 5 characters representing name of the underlying asset
N N = No residual value ; R = With residual value
C C = Bull contract ; P = Bear contract
YYMM Expiry year and month
A Serial number for additional issues by the same issuer on same underlying asset with same expiry year and month (A, B, C ...)
Indicator for CBBCs traded in Renminbi (RMB)


Current Stock Code Allocation Plan for CBBCs

Stock codes   To be allocated for new listing of
Ranges Sub-ranges
60000-69999   Callable Bull/Bear Contracts (CBBCs)

Updated 20 Mar 2012