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Naming Conventions of Stock Short Name and Stock Code Allocation Plan for Derivative Warrants

Note: The following naming conventions are applicable in most cases but are not exclusive for all circumstances.


Naming Conventions of Derivative Warrants (DWs)   

Z Z Q Q Q Q Q @ E C Y Y M M A
Z Z - Q Q Q Q @ E C Y Y M M A
 Or (traded in Renminbi)
Z Z Q Q Q Q @ E C Y Y M M A

  ZZ Issuer's short name
Q Up to 5 characters representing name of the underlying asset
@ @ = Cash settlement ; * = Physical delivery
E E = European ; R = Regional warrants ; X = Exotic (non-traditional) ; No Character = American
C C = Call ; P = Put ;  No Character = non Call or Put
YYMM Expiry year and month
A Serial number for additional issues by the same issuer on same underlying asset with same expiry year and month (A, B, C ...)
Indicator for DWs traded in Renminbi (RMB)


The above naming convention for DWs comes into effect on 27 Feb 2012.  The stock short name of DWs launched before 27
Feb 2012 will remain unchanged.  There is no serial number assigned to the first issue of DWs launched before 27 Feb 2012


Current Stock Code Allocation Plan for DWs

Stock codes   To be allocated for new listing of
Ranges Sub-ranges

Derivative Warrants (DWs)

10000-10999 DW with underlying assets listed outside Hong Kong, basket warrants and exotic warrants
80000-89999   Products traded in Renminbi
89000-89999 Derivative Warrants (DWs)

Updated 20 Mar 2012