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CCASS Terminal User Guide for Designated Banks


Table of Contents

Amendment Log (updated as of January 2020)

Part I

Section 1 Introduction (updated as of January 2020)

Section 2 CCASS System Overview (updated as of March 2019)

Section 3 Getting Started for Terminal Operations

3.1 Access Control (updated as of February 2020)

3.2 Security Management (updated as of February 2020)

3.3 Change Smartcard Password (updated as of July 2007)

3.4 Logon and Logoff CCASS (updated as of November 2018)

3.5 Screen Standards (updated as of September 2006)

Section 4 Reporting Functions

4.1 Downloading and Printing Reports (updated as of April 2016)

4.2 List of Reports and Availability Schedule (updated as of November 2017)

4.3 Report Description (updated as of February 2018)

4.4 Report Data Files Layout (updated as of January 2017)

Section 5 File Transfer Function

5.1 Rejected DDI/EPI File Transfer (updated as of September 2006)

5.2 Rejected DDI/EPI Batch File Layout

Section 6 Technical Requirements

6.1 CCASS Terminal Requirements (updated as of January 2020)

6.2 CCASS Processing and Service Schedule (updated as of November 2017)

6.3 CCASS Terminal Backup Facilities (updated as of November 2014)

Part II

Section 7 Terminal Operations

7.1 DDI/DCI/EPI Rejection Maintenance (updated as of April 2016)

7.2 Rejected IP DDI/EPI Maintenance (updated as of December 2015)

7.3 User Profile Maintenance (updated as of October 2014)

7.4 User Group Listing (With Accessible Functions) (updated as of October 2014)

7.5 User Profile Listing (updated as of October 2014)

7.6 Disabled User Listing (updated as of October 2014)

7.7 SRN Listing (updated as of October 2014)

7.8 User Profile Maintenance Report (updated as of October 2014)

7.9 Reset Smartcard Password (updated as of October 2014)

7.10 Get Authorisation Code (updated as of October 2014)

7.11 View Circular (Obsolete as of January 2020)

7.12 Enquire Payment Instruction (updated as of November 2017)

7.13 Enquire SSA Bank Account (new section as of July 2007)

7.14 Enquire Cash Projection (new section as of December 2007)

Forms (updated as of October 2019) Reference No.
Order Form for Smartcard Reader(s) G-Form 1
Smartcard Request Form for CCASS/CCMS User G-Form 2
Report Loss of Smartcard G-Form 3
User Profile for Delegated Administrator (DA) G-Form 4
Change of Account Information Form CCASS-Form 48
Request For Back-up Facilities Form CCASS-Form 72


Updated 19 Mar 2019