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Section 6 Report Specifications

Report Specifications


Report ID

Report Name

1. CCLTN04 Provisional Clearing Statement
2. CCLTN05 Final Clearing Statement
3. CCLSI01 SI Status Report
4. CCLSI02 SI Activity Report
5. CCLEI01 SI Batch Input Control Report
6. CIPSI01 ISI Status Report
7. CIPSI02 ISI Activity Report
8. CIPEI01 ISI Batch Input Control Report
9. CIPCL03 Monthly ISI Counterparty List
10. CSEOP01 Next Settlement Day Due/Overdue Position Report
11. CSEOP09 GEM Settlement Information Report
12. CSESE01 Settlement Report
13. CSESI02 Intra-Day ISI/SI Full List
14. CSESP01 Settled Position Report
15. CFIBI01 Buy-in Notification Report
16. CFIPM01 Marks and Collateral Collection Report
17. CRMIM01 Intra-Day Marks and Collateral Collection Report
17a. CRMNP01 /
NCP Marks Projection Report
Statement of Guarantee Fund Contributions
17c. CRMNP03 / CRMNP04 NCP Margin Projection Report
17d. GFR616 NCP(s) Guarantee Fund Contribution Projection By Position
18. CSECP03 Cash Prepayment / TSF Payment / Intra-day Payement Instruction Maintenance A/T Report
19. CSEPI01 Payment Instruction Input Activity Report
20. CSEMA08 / CSEMS08 Statement of Money Ledger
21. CSEBA01 ATI Batch Input Control Report
22. CSESM01 Statement of Stock Movement (By Stock) Report
23. CSESM02 Statement of Stock Movement (By Account) Report
24. CSESB01 Daily Stock Balance Report
25. CFIMC01 Monthly Stock Balance Report
26. CBLBP01 Stock Borrowing/Lending Position Status Report
27. CBLBR01 Stock Borrowing/Lending Activity Report
28. CCJCC12 Corporate Communications Event List
29. CCJCC13 Recipient Master Maintenance Activity Report
30. CCJCC14 Corp Comm Event Recipient List Activity Report
31. CCJCC15 Corp Comm Recipient Batch Input Control Report
32. CCJCC21 Monthly Recipient Master List
33. CCNDS04 Withdrawal Advice Report
34. CCVWD04 Withdrawal Orders Audit Trail Report
35. CCVWD05 Withdrawal Orders Status Report
36. CCNPT01 Nominee Functions Input Activities Report
37. CCNPT02 Entitlement Statement
37c CCNPT05 Elected Quantity Exception Report for Structured Products (Before Election End)
37d CCNPT06 Nominee Fees Refund Report
38. CCNVT08 CRP Batch Input Control Report
39. CEFUV01 Tender Instruction Batch Input Control Report
40. CEPAA01 / CEPAB01 New Issues Application Input Activities Report
41. CEPBE01 New Issues Entitlement Report
42. CEPBV01 EIPO Batch Input Control Report
51. CSEMP02 CCASS Funding Projection Report for Participant
52. CSEMS28 / CSEMA28 / CSEMN28 DDI/DCI/EPI Summary for Participant
53. CSEMS29 / CSEMA29 / CSEMN29 Settlement Related EPI Listing
54. CSETF03 TSF FX Transaction / Stk Rlse Activity / Status Report
55. CSETF07 TSF Confirmation Report
56. CCVTF01 Inter-counter Transfer/Conversion Instruction Activities Report
57. CSETF13 TSF Exception Handling Fee Report
58. CCVTF03 Multi-counter Transfer Instruction Batch Input Control Report
59. CRMMG01 Intra-day Margin Payable Report
60. CRMMG02 Margin Payable Report
61. CCVTF05 Parallel Trading Conversion Instruction Batch Input Control Report
62. CEPBV02 EIPO Confirmation Batch Input Control Report
63. CCDPC02 Monthly Portfolio Fee Collection Report of China Connect Markets
64. CRMGF01 Mainland Security Deposit Payable Report (Shanghai)
65. CRMSD01 Mainland Settlement Deposit Payable Report (Shanghai)
66. CRMGF03 Mainland Security Deposit Payable Report (Shenzhen)
67. CRMSD04 Mainland Settlement Deposit Payable Report (Shenzhen)
68. CRMSD07 Intra-day Mainland Settlement Deposit Payable Report (Shanghai)
69. CRMSD09 Intra-day Mainland Settlement Deposit Payable Report (Shenzhen)
70. CSEAS05 A-share Sellable Balance Adjustment Report
71. CSEAS07 A-share Sellable Balance Adjustment Audit Trail Report
72. CSEMP04 CCASS Funding Projection Report (Night Settlement) for Participant
73. CRMAC01 Additional Cash Collateral Payable Report
74. CCNPT07 Participant Shareholding Category Disclosure Activity Report
75. CCNPT08 Participant Shareholding Category Disclosure Exception Report - On Voting Deadline
76. CCNPT09 Participant Shareholding Category Disclosure Exception Report - Before Voting Deadline
77. CSECC03  Handling Fee Collection Report for the Early Release of Securities-on-hold for China Connect Markets
78.  GFR806 Guarantee Fund Risk Collateral Requirement Report

For the following CCMS reports, please refer to CCMS Terminal User Guide Section 5 Report Specifications

1. CCMPY01 /
Posting / Collateralisation Result Report
2. CCMCA02 Collateral Account Balance Report
3. CCMMV01 Participant Collateral Account Movement Report
4. CCMSU04 Special-Use Collateral Balance Report
5. CCMIR02 Collateral Parameters Information List
6. CCMIA02 Monthly Interest & Accommodation Fee Report - Detail
Statement of Collateral Account
8. CCMSC01 Specific Cash Collateral Instruction Activity Report
9. CCMPS01 Maintain Preferred Single Settlement Currency Activity Report
10. CCMIA12 Quarterly Interest Report for Mainland Settlement Deposit and Mainland Security Deposit (Shanghai)
11. CCMIA14 Quarterly Interest Report for Mainland Settlement Deposit and Mainland Security Deposit (Shenzhen)