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Datafeed Application Procedure

(for applicants applying for delayed datafeed(s) and/or Issuer News (IIS News) under the Market Data Vendor Licence Agreement)



1. An application is deemed to have been formally lodged with HKEX when the applicant formally submitted Form A2 and Form A3. A letter of acknowledgement (“Letter A2”) of the submission of Form A2 and Form A3 will be issued.

2. After the Form A2 is considered duly completed and at the preliminary assessment by HKEX-IS that the applicant is fit for the subscription of delayed Datafeeds, HKEX-IS will issue a confirmation letter (“Letter B2”) to the IV.

The application will be presented to the senior management for approval; result of the application will normally be available two weeks from the date of Letter B1.

3. Datafeed Commencement Date: The datafeed commencement date must be within 4 months from the date of Letter A2.


Updated 24 Feb 2016