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Derivatives Market Data Distribution Partnership Programme


In January 2016, HKEX Information Services Limited (HKEX-IS) introduced a Derivatives Market Data Distribution Partnership Programme (“the Partnership Programme”) to further promote market data visibility of HKEX’s New Derivatives Products in the Mainland.

The New Derivatives Products include the Physically Settled Gold Futures, Sector Index Futures, RMB Currency Futures, RMB Currency Options, London Metal Mini Futures, and selected stock futures. 

The Partnership Programme leverages on the Marketing Programme for New Derivatives Products that real-time derivatives data are free for redistribution in the Mainland.  The Partnership Programme is designed to encourage information vendors (IVs) to leverage on the fee waivers under the Marketing Programme to redistribute real-time data of ALL New Derivatives Products on Information Vendors' (IVs) key service platforms.

Details on the Derivatives Market Data Distribution Partnership Programme:


Benefits to IVs
IVs will be offered the status of HKEX’s official partner IVs, with their brands featured in HKEX’s exclusive promotion channels: i.   Press release on the initiatives for New Derivatives Products
ii.  Designated “Derivatives Corner” named “衍生有道” on HKEX website
iii. HKEX product brochures
iv. Data Products corner on HKEX website
v.  HKEX’s client notices and circulars
vi. Other promotion and marketing activities
IVs that have website portals as key service platforms can apply to disseminate L1 streaming data of ALL derivatives products via the IVs’ open portals. User registration/login is not required and access is restricted to subscribers who are physically located in Mainland China region only (excluding Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan regions).
Note: HKEX-IS has the sole discretion on the approval of participating IVs in the Partnership Program.
1.   Applicable to IVs who have already participating in  the Marketing Programme for Asia Commodities and Derivatives New Products.
2.  IVs must display real-time data* of the following New Derivatives Products via their key service platforms (i.e. terminals, mobile applications and/or websites). The New Derivatives Products include:
-  Iron Ore Futures, USD and CNH Gold Futures
-  RMB Currency Options Contracts (USD/CNH Options) ;
-  All Sector Index Futures (7 in total, including CES Gaming Top 10 Index Futures, Hang Seng Mainland Oil & Gas Index Futures, Hang Seng Mainland Banks Index Futures, Hang Seng Mainland Healthcare Index Futures, Hang Seng Mainland Properties Index Futures, Hang Seng IT Hardware Index Futures and Hang Seng Software & Service Index Futures) ;
-  All London Metal Mini Futures (6 in total, including London Aluminium Mini Futures, London Zinc Mini Futures, London Copper Mini Futures, London Nickel Mini Futures, London Tin Mini Futures and London Lead Mini Futures);
- All single stock futures contracts;
- HKEX RMB Currency Futures (5 in total, including USD/CNH Futures, EUR/CNH Futures, JPY/CNH Futures, AUD/CNH Futures and CNH/USD Futures)
3.   IVs must display real-time data* of any other new derivatives products to be launched and as specified by HKEX-IS from time to time on the first day of product launch via their key service platforms. * L1 and L2 real-time data are free of charge for participating IVs to redistribute in the Mainland under the Marketing Program but user registration/login is required.                        

   List of Participating IVs (Updated: 31 July 2021)

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