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Marketing Programme for Mobile Application Service

(Updated 9 Dec 2021)


HKEX-IS introduced the Marketing Programme for Mobile Application Service (“the Programme”) in 2017 (duration subject to regular review) with an aim to

  • Further promote the visibility and penetration of securities market data in the Mainland
  • Offer a lower fee package for Information Vendors (“IVs”)
  • Promote the use of deeper depth data at a cheaper cost
  • Cope with the market trend in mobile trading

Programme Details 

Programme Duration

From June 2017 – 31 December 2023


For all IVs with standalone mobile application service(s) that provides access within Mainland China only.

Restricted to subscribers who are physically located in Mainland China (excluding Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan regions).

Subscriber Fee for Level 2 Securities Market Data

Volume Discounted Fee for Mobile Application Service:

  • HK$5 per Subscriber Unit per month, with a minimum subscription of 60,000 units per annum
  • Not eligible for Third Party Service

Discounted Fee for Mobile Application Service:

  • HK$13 per Subscriber Unit per month
  • IVs may provide Third Party Service under this Discounted Fee, subject to minimum monthly Subscriber Fee of HK$6,000 for Securities Market Data applicable to each Third Party Client who is not an Exchange Participant of SEHK.  Please see Guiding Note on Third Party Service for details.

For the avoidance of doubt, please refer to Mainland China Discount Programme for Discounted Monthly Fee applicable for both terminal and mobile device.

Redistribution Fee

Applicable, except Redistribution Fee for the relevant securities datafeed(s) will be waived for Southbound Brokers (existing vendors/ new vendor licence applicants) approved for the HK$5 Subscriber Fee plan under the Programme.


- Guiding Note on the Marketing Programme for Mobile Application Service

- List of Participating Vendors / List of Vendors Providing Third Party Mobile Application Service