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One Year Fixed Fee Programme

(Updated 8 Nov 2018)

Upon the end of the One-Off Six-Month Fixed Fee Programme launched in 2016, HKEX-IS has introduced the following programme with aim to continue promoting the visibility and penetration of securities market data in the Mainland.

Programme Details

Application: By 31 December 2018 and by 31 December 2019
Eligibility: IVs who join the Mainland China Discount Programme are eligible for the One-Year Fixed Fee Programme.                
Fixed Fee Service:
  • HK$12 million with unlimited streaming L2 subscription for Mainland subscribers for12 months.
  • Restricted to subscribers who are physically located in Mainland China region (excluding Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan regions).

  • Subscriber login and monthly reporting on total number of subscribers are required.

Duration Programme ends in December 2020

List of Participating Vendors (The name of the participating vendors are listed in alphabetical order)

Name of the Participating Vendors
East Money Information Co., Ltd
Futu Network Technology Limited
Hexin Flush Financial Information Network Ltd.
Wind Information Co., Ltd.

For enquiries, please contact us via e-mail: