Securities Exempt from Hong Kong Stamp Duty (including GEM and Trading Only Stocks)

Effective 29 September 2020, information shown on this webpage will be combined into the "Stamp Duty Payable Status of newly listed/traded or to be listed/traded securities since last month end" excel file. The new excel file can be retrieved by clicking the existing "Securities Exempt from Hong Kong Stamp Duty"


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Securities Type Securities (stock codes) NOT subject to Stamp Duty
(as of 31 August 2020)
1. Ordinary Shares and Warrants 04332 04333 04335 04336 04337 04338        
2. Preference Shares 04604 04606 04607 04608 04609 04610 04611 
   04612 04613  04614 04615 04616 04617 04618
3. Structured Products
    A. Derivative Warrants ALL
    B. Equity Linked Instruments N/A
    C. Callable Bull/Bear Contracts   ALL            
    D. Inline Warrants    ALL             
4. Debt   ALL
5. Unit Trusts/Mutual Funds
    A. Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) ALL
    B. Leveraged and Inverse Products (L&I Products) ALL
    C. Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) Nil
    D. Other Unit Trusts/Mutual Funds Nil
 6. Rights Nil            

Updated 18 Sep 2020