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How can I subscribe to the Historical Data Products?
Subscriptions can be made on-line. To subscribe, you can go to Subscription to start the process. If you encounter difficulties in subscribing our data products, please contact us.

How will the purchased data be delivered?
Historical Data Products can be delivered by 3 methods : On-line download from this website; e-mail and DVD by post. The available delivery method(s) for a particular historical data product will be indicated in the product information pages. For data products which can be delivered by more than one method, subscriber should choose one delivery method only.

Which data products are available for on-line downloading?
You can go to Historical Data to view the product catalog in which the data products available for on-line downloading will be indicated.

Can I know the data contents and file format of the data product before I decide to subscribe?
Yes, the User Guide/File Specification and sample files of most of the data products are available on-line at this website. Please select the data product of interest from the product catalog. There are hyperlinks on the product information page for the User Guide/File Specification and the sample files.

Can I subscribe any historical data which are not included in the product list?
You are welcome to talk to us about your data requests and we will explore whether any ways we can help. Please contact us.

How long will my registration details be kept?
User record will be deleted seven (7) years after the user's last dealing with HKEX on historical data product matters.

How can I subscribe to historical data products again if my user account has been deleted?
You can simply register again with another user ID which is different from the original one if you need to use the service.
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What payment methods are available for the subscription of Historical data products?
Subscribers may make payments by credit card, direct deposit/bank transfer, cheque/bank draft.

Do I need to cover any bank charges if payment is made via direct deposit or bank transfer?
For payment via direct deposit/bank transfer, all bank charges (including interbank charges) incurred must be borne by the subscriber. Please settle all bank charges separately with your bank so as to make sure that the exact order amount will be credited to our bank account.

Are there concessions for academic institutions?
We welcome academic institutions to use our data products for research purposes. We offer a 50% discount to academic institutions on the historical data products which are mostly required for academic research, except for those data products where the price is already deeply discounted to promote their usage. The availability of the 50% discount is indicated on the product information page.

Are there any discount packages offered to subscribers?
We offer 2 types of discounts on historical data products.
Offer 1: A bulk discount is offered on some historical data products. If the subscription period is 12 consecutive months or longer, the subscriber can enjoy a 15% discount.
Offer 2: We offer a 50% discount to academic institutions on historical data products, except the ones where the price is already deeply discounted to promote their usage.
Subscriber can enjoy either Discount Offer 1 or Offer 2. It is indicated in the product information pages whether the discount offer(s) is available for a particular data product.

When will I receive my subscribed data?
Each data product has its own delivery schedule which is covered in the detailed product description on the product information page. For future issues, the paid data will be delivered by the selected method according to the schedule. For back issues, it normally takes about one week upon receipt of the order and payment. However, for orders of considerable size, we may negotiate the delivery schedule with the customer as it may take longer for the processing.

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   Product Delivery

How can I download the product files?
Upon payment cleared, you may logon in the Historical Data website. Click the “Data Download” tab, and select the product files you would like to download. Available product file issues will be displayed for download.
On the other hand, you may download files by the Programmatic Download Function. You will need a self-developed API programs to make use of the function. For more details about Programmatic Download Function, click here for the user guide.
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