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Monthly Statistics - Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect
Product Description:
Monthly file provides month-end buy/sell trades statistics and the 10 most actively traded stocks for both Northbound and Southbound trading under Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect for the current month.

File is normally available at around 7:30pm on the last trading day of each month.

1) Please refer to the file specifications for the data content of the file issue dates before and from January 2015
2) The files for Nov 2014 will be offered complimentarily with the subscription of the files for Dec 2014
First Issue Date: 01-Dec-2014
Issue Basis: Monthly
Subscription Basis: Monthly
Unit Price: HK$ 800 / Month
Discount Offers: Academics 50% off;
Bulk discount 15% off
Delivery Method:
Web Download On-line Download

     File Specification - Present (with effect from July 2022)
     Sample File - Present (with effect from July 2022)
     File Specification - December 2014 to June 2022
     Sample File - January 2015 to June 2022
     Sample File - December 2014
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