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Historical Full Book - Securities Market (Binary Format)
Product Description:
Daily file provides information on every order and trade recorded on the HKEX's Main Board and GEM stocks in binary format.

Data contents : stock code, order information (add order, modify order and delete order) and trade information (transaction time, traded price and quantity, etc. of new trade and trade cancellation).

Stock coverage : all stocks tradable on the Main Board and GEM including ordinary and preference shares, equity warrants and derivatives warrants, etc.

The file is normally available at around 10:00pm on each trading day.
First Issue Date: 01-Oct-2013
Issue Basis: Daily
Subscription Basis: Monthly
Unit Price: HK$ 5000 / Month
Discount Offers: Academics 50% off;
Bulk discount 15% off
Delivery Method:
Web Download On-line Download

     File Specification - Present (w.e.f. 30 Apr 2018)
     File Specification - 05 Feb 2018 to 27 Apr 2018
     File Specification - 25 Jul 2016 to 02 Feb 2018
     File Specification - 01 Oct 2013 to 22 Jul 2016
     Sample File - Present (w.e.f. 30 Apr 2018)
     Sample File - 05 Feb 2018 to 27 Apr 2018
     Sample File - 25 Jul 2016 to 02 Feb 2018
     Sample File - 01 Oct 2013 to 22 Jul 2016
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