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As the global markets leader in the Asian time-zone, HKEX has a powerful platform to affect change. As part of our commitment to sustainability, it is our job at HKEX to lead by example, and encourage stakeholders to play an active role in the development of Hong Kong’s sustainable and green finance ecosystem.
I am pleased to announce that we will be launching a Sustainable and Green Exchange (STAGE), an online portal to provide greater information, access and transparency on a wide range of sustainable, green and social investment products; helping to initiate conversations amongst issuers, asset managers, investors and professional advisers on the positioning, innovation and marketing of sustainable and green finance.
Laura M Cha
HKEX Chairman
Our four objectives
Our sustainable initiatives shape valuations, define business models, and become building blocks for new industries.
We are rethinking the future of finance, and doing our part to improve how society and business develop sustainable and green economies across Asia.
STAGE promotes green finance and sustainability integration across asset classes and product types, providing access to a comprehensive online database of information on sustainable and impact investing.
STAGE can help issuers increase the visibility and awareness of their financial products that meet certain sustainable and green standards, across asset classes.
STAGE provides investors and asset managers with easy access to information for investment due diligence, selection and monitoring of sustainable and green investments.
STAGE champions a diverse range of sustainable and green initiatives and opportunities across Asia, connecting stakeholders to innovative products, ideas and strategies from around the globe.
Our partners.
STAGE is a platform for collaboration on sustainable and green finance between all HKEX stakeholders, from issuers to investors, communities and innovators.
HKEX works closely as a partner or a supporting organisation with the following organisations and initiatives to help drive the sustainable and green finance agenda.
Greening financial markets.
STAGE makes it easier for investors to access and learn about sustainable and green financial products across asset classes.
We provide investors with key information relating to sustainable and green investments for investment due diligence, selection and monitoring. Explore the useful materials to help get started on your own sustainable investing journey.
Online Publication:
Our Guide to Green Bonds, Hong Kong Green Finance Association.
Download PDF ( 3MB )
Guidance Materials:
The Climate Bonds Initiative - Resources for Issuers & Verifiers.
Discover >
International Capital Markets Association - Resource Centre.
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US$257.7bn Global green bond and green loan issuance in 2019, up 51% on 2018 at US$170.6bn.
Green bonds arranged and issued in Hong Kong:
US$26bn (overall) & US$10bn (in 2019).
Source: HKEX website
US$20.9bn raised by Sustainability, Green or Social Bonds listed on HKEX.
News, events & opportunities.
STAGE champions a broad-range of sustainable and green finance initiatives across Asia.
We connect stakeholders to sustainable and green products and opportunities. Here are a few of our most recent news.
05 May 2020
Joint statement on the establishment of the Green and Sustainable Finance Cross-Agency Steering Group
The Hong Kong Monetary Authority and the Securities and Futures Commission initiated the establishment of the Green and Sustainable Finance Cross-Agency Steering Group...
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18 June 2020
HKEX is pleased to announce plans to launch the HKEX Sustainable and Green Exchange, ‘STAGE’.
This pioneering new information platform is the first of its kind in Asia, and will act as a central hub for data and information on sustainable and green finance investments in the region.
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29 June 2020
HKEX’s Response to the Public Consultation of "Green Bond Endorsed Project Catalogue (2020 version)"
HKEX strongly supports the joint efforts of The People's Bank of China, National Development and Reform Commission and China Securities Regulatory Commission in the preparation of the Green Bond Endorsed Project Catalogue (2020 Edition)…
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Display sustainable, green and social products on STAGE without any fees.
Sustainability, Green and Social Bonds
Sustainability, Green and Social Bonds for STAGE inclusion must first be listed on HKEX in accordance with Chapters 22 to 37 of HKEX Listing Rules (Main Board). Further details of listing of debt securities can be found on the Frequently Asked Questions.
Bond issuers must:
Designate the classification of the Bonds to be displayed (i.e. sustainability, green or social);
State the international standard or principles that the Bonds adhere to;
Submit a copy of the bond framework which usually includes use of proceeds, projects selection, management of proceeds and reporting;
Submit a copy of the external review of the Bonds; and
Submit annually a post-issuance report on allocation of proceeds and expected impacts, if any, during the tenor of the Bonds.
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