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Structured Products on Non-Hong Kong Underlying Assets

1. Introduction
Structured Products on non-Hong Kong underlying assets listed under Chapter 15A of the Listing Rules are called Market Access Products (MAPs).  MAPs can take the form of Derivative Warrants (DWs), Callable Bull/Bear Contracts (CBBC) or Equity Linked Instruments (ELIs).
2. Eligible underlying assets of MAPs
The underlying assets eligible for issuance of MAP are potentially very broad including but not limited to:
  (a) a security listed on a recognised overseas exchange;                                                                                 
  (b) a commodity asset or a derivative contract; or
  (c) a third-party or proprietary index based on (a) or (b).
  Currently there are 66 recognised overseas exchanges under criteria 2(a) as stated (in alphabetical order) in the table below.  All reputable derivatives exchanges are acceptable under 2(b).   
1. Abu Dhabi Securities Market
2. American Stock Exchange
3. Amman Stock Exchange
4. Athens Exchange
5. Australian Securities Exchange
6. Bahrain Stock Exchange
7. Beirut Stock Exchange
8. Bermuda Stock Exchange
9. BME Spanish Exchanges
10. Bolsa De Comercio De Buenos Aires
11. Bolsa De Comercio De Santiago
12. Bolsa De Valores De Colombia
13. Bolsa De Valores De Lima
14. Bolsa De Valores Do Sao Paulo
15. Bolsa Mexicana De Valores
16. Bombay Stock Exchange
17. Borsa Italiana Spa
18. Bourse De Luxembourg
19. Bourse De Montreal
20. Budapest Stock Exchange
21. Bursa Malaysia
22. Cairo & Alexandria Stock Exchanges
23. Colombo Stock Exchange
24. Cyprus Stock Exchange
25. Deutsche Borse AG
26. Doha Securities Market, Qatar
27. Dubai Financial Market
28. Dubai International Financial Exchange
29. Indonesia Stock Exchange
30. International Securities Exchange
31. Irish Stock Exchange
32. Islamabad Stock Exchange
33. Istanbul Stock Exchange
34. Jasdaq Securities Exchange
35. JSE
36. Karachi Stock Exchange
37. Korea Exchange
38. Kuwait Stock Exchange
39. Lahore Stock Exchange
40. Ljubljana Stock Exchange
41. London Stock Exchange
42. Malta Stock Exchange
43. Muscat Securities Market, Oman
44. NASDAQ Stock Market
45. National Stock Exchange Of India
46. New Zealand Exchange
47. NYSE Euronext - Euronext
48. NYSE Euronext - NYSE
49. OMX Nordic Exchange
50. Osaka Securities Exchange
51. Oslo Borse
52. Philippine Stock Exchange
53. Shanghai Stock Exchange
54. Shenzhen Stock Exchange
55. Singapore Exchange
56. Stock Exchange Of Mauritius
57. Stock Exchange Of Tehran
58. Stock Exchange Of Thailand
59. SWX Swiss Exchange
60. Taiwan Stock Exchange
61. Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange
62. Tokyo Stock Exchange Group
63. TSX Group
64. Vietnam Stock Exchange
65. Warsaw Stock Exchange
66. Wiener Borse AG
3. Duration of MAPs
The duration of MAPs can range from 3 months to perpetual through a rollover mechanism every 5 years subject to the issuers maintaining the required credit rating.


Updated 26 Feb 2010