Derivatives Market Access Codes (Provided by Information Vendors) 

Mini-Hang Seng China Enterprises Index Futures and Options

Hong Kong and International Information Vendors

Vendor Name Mini-Hang Seng China Enterprises Index Futures Mini-Hang Seng China Enterprises Index Options
2GoTrade Ltd. Input the series code, or from pull-down menu Ltd. 110010 322060
ACTIV Financial Systems, Inc.  MCH/<Year><Month Code>.<Exchange Code> MCH/yymm/strike series[Put/Cal].HF
AFE Solutions Ltd. 870791 873151-873154
Bloomberg Finance L. P. MHCA Index CT<GO> MHSCEI Index OMON <GO>
ET Net Ltd. MCH/ Index Futures Screen MCH
DB Power Online Limited MCH MCH
Fidessa Ltd. MCH.HF MCH_Osmy.HF
Finet Holdings Ltd. For FME/FIE/FFE:
Click "Future" Button

Select "Menu", Derivatives -> HK Future
Infocast Ltd. 1.  Select ‘Derivatives’
2. Then choose ‘Futures’
3. Select your code in‘Future Code’and 'Underlying Code'
Interactive Data Real-Time
Services, Inc.
Fn:MCH\myy MCH\mmyydd\strike series
Marketprizm Hong Kong Limited MCHmy MCH<strike>my
QuotePower International Ltd. P11008 P11360
Realink Financial Information Ltd. Inside the menu of "期貨"
Thomson Reuters
SIX Financial Ltd. MCHym,113 MCHsmy
Star Financial Ltd. MCH
Telecom Digital Data Ltd. future 'menu'
Telequote Data International Ltd. MCHmy MCHOmy
Tele-Trend Ltd. HEFC, HEmmyy Open --> Options--> MCH

Mainland China Information Vendor

Vendor Name Mini-Hang Seng China Enterprises Index Futures Mini-Hang Seng China Enterprises Index Options
Hithink Royalflush Information Network Co., Ltd MCHC
Shanghai DZH Limited MCH+Month+Year
Shanghai Pobo Financial Information MCH MCH+Month+Year+Call/Put+Strike Series
Shanghai Qianlong Advanced Technology Co Ltd Page 209
Shanghai Wenhua Financial Information Ltd. MCHmy
Shanghai Wind Information Co., Ltd. MCHF+yymm+.HK MCH+y+Call(A-L)/Put(M-X)+Strike (not exceed 5 digits)+.HK
Zheng Zhou Esunny Information Techology Co, Ltd. MCH MHI

 y=contract year    m=contract month