Common Nominee Services 

Hongkong Clearing provides nominee services for participants in respect of securities held by them in CCASS. It exercises shareholder rights in respect of the securities held in CCASS, and acts on instructions received from CCASS participants.

It keeps participants informed of benefits accruing to securities and of corporate actions and activities which require action by them.

It brings corporate announcements or communications affecting holders of securities, including distribution of dividends, takeover offers and company circulars to the attention of participants, or arranges to distribute copies of corporate communications to them.

Hongkong Clearing collects benefit entitlements including cash/scrip dividend, interest and bonus shares on behalf of participants and distributes the entitlements in accordance with their shareholdings held in CCASS on the record date.

For corporate events such as voting, subscription of right issues, warrants conversion, takeover offers and benefit entitlements with options, Hongkong Clearing seeks instructions from participants and takes actions on their behalf.

Hongkong Clearing takes action to tender for EFN, specified instruments and/or CMU Instruments and to subscribe for new shares under initial public offering for and on behalf of participants under electronic instructions.

Hongkong Clearing accepts electronic application instructions for issue or redemption of Units and arranges payment of moneys due, and transfers of securities to be made, on issue and redemption of Units.

Hongkong Clearing will not accept the electronic instructions from participants for tendering of EFN, specified Instruments and/or CMU instruments, subscription for new shares under initial public offering and issuance or redemption of Units relating to China Connect Securities.