Enhanced Volume Discount Scheme 


HKEX-IS introduced the following discount scheme on 26 August 2016 that leverages on the existing Mainland China Discount Programme (Our Ref: MDD/15/2671) to promote the visibility and penetration of securities market data in the Mainland in preparation for the launch of Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect ("SZ-HK Connect"):

Programme Details 

Programme Duration:

-   From 26 August 2016 until end of 2017, subject to review


-   Information Vendors who join the Mainland China Discount Programme are automatically eligible for the Enhanced Volume Discount Scheme.

Discount Scheme:

Applicable to Mainland retail subscribers only:


No. of Level 2 10-depth Subscribers Units*

Discount Rate

Discounted Subscriber Fee per Month (HK$)






            5,001 – 10,000




          10,001 – 50,000




          50,001 – 100,000








Promotion Offer:

-   HKEX-IS will use the Discount Rate based on the IV’s subscription level of the third month after the launch of SZ-HK Connect and apply the rate retrospectively to previous months from August 2016.

-   To illustrate, if an IV reaches 60,000 retail subscribers during the third month after the launch of SZ-HK Connect, the Discount Rate would be 60%. HKEX-IS will apply this rate to previous months from August 2016 to 3 months after SZ-HK Connect launches, even if the subscription level in the previous month do not reach 60,000. 

Note:  The Enhanced Volume Discount Scheme will replace the existing Volume Discount Promotion Programme (Our Ref: MDD/14/1365) launched on 17 November 2014.

Client Notice
Mainland China Discount Programme

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