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The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong is a premier exchange that offers a trusted platform to reach a broad range of investors to help fuel business growth.

Why List on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange 

Hong Kong is a compelling listing and fundraising venue in Asia for companies seeking to go public and raise funds. We open the door to a wide spectrum of industries and regions that include Hong Kong and Mainland Chinese companies as well as international companies with an Asian nexus that want to raise capital and list in a liquid and world-class market.

The unique value proposition as China’s international finance centre makes Hong Kong the country’s key link to connect with global capital markets and plays a pivotal role in the Mainland’s economic development.

Our continued success as a global capital formation market is also attributed to Hong Kong’s respected legal system, adherence to international standards and practices, deep capital pool with active participation of both institutional and retail investors, and abundance of professional expertise.

We are committed to attracting new listings from Greater China and other important markets and aim to continue growing as a leading international market for listing and trading securities.



  • partner
    Partner of Choice for Opportunities from China’s Internationalisation

    Hong Kong is uniquely positioned as the key gateway between China and international markets

    Stock Connect with Access to Mainland China Investors

    Stock Connect provides convenient and effective cross-border market access connecting China with the world

  • diverse
    Diverse and Global Investor Base

    Hong Kong has access to a diverse and global investor base, which could potentially lead to a more liquid market

    Funded Jumbo IPOS

    Hong Kong accommodates IPO transactions of all sizes and can secure healthy investor demand to price a successful transaction, including jumbo IPOs

  • healthy
    Healthy and Robust Secondary Market

    Hong Kong possesses active secondary markets, providing a highly liquid, safe and efficient venue for refinancing and hedging activities

    International Corporate Governance Standards

    Our international corporate governance requirements ensure transparency, accountability and trust in Hong Kong listed companies

  • framework
    Framework for Cornerstone Investors

    The Hong Kong IPO listing regime allows for strategic cornerstone investors to enhance confidence and credibility, and to align long-term interests between the company and its shareholders

    Sound Regulatory Regime

    Hong Kong maintains a sound regulatory regime that is consistent with prevailing international practices, and allows for free flow of capital and information

  • transparent
    Transparent Process

    The Hong Kong IPO application process is highly transparent, with a full listing guide published and the same standards applied to all applicants

    Well Established Legal System

    Hong Kong has a well established legal system based on English common law which provides a strong and attractive foundation for companies to raise funds as well as confidence for investors


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