Commodities Products 

HKEX is committed to expanding the existing business by lowering barriers for Asian investors, particularly those from Mainland China, to access the LME market. Key initiatives include facilitating easier cross-boundary access, developing Asian time zone trading and clearing services as well as offering RMB clearing services. HKEX will leverage its base metals platform and its proximity to the Mainland as the largest global consumer of commodities to extend into other metals and commodities products to build a stronger and more resilient business.

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      LME Asia Week

      London Aluminium Mini Futures
      London Zinc Mini Futures
      London Copper Mini Futures
      London Nickel Mini Futures
      London Tin Mini Futures
      London Lead Mini Futures
      CNH Gold Futures
      USD Gold Futures

 List of HKFE EPs eligible to trade The London Metal Mini and API 8 Thermal Coal Futures

 List of HKFE EPs offering transaction services for the LME market

 List of HKFE EPs offering physical delivery services for gold futures

For further information, please contact us at (852) 2840 3330 or at HKEXcommodities@HKEX.COM.HK