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HKEX Research Papers

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Category Title Report date
Equities & Equity Products CES Stock Connect Hong Kong Select 100 Index ― A key measure of Hong Kong market investment under Stock Connect 24 Nov 2017
Fixed Income & Currency Supporting the opening up of the Mainland financial market — Innovations and implications of Bond Connect
15 Nov 2017
Infrastructure OTC clearing solution for Mainland China’s increasing cross-border derivatives trading
 14 Nov 2017
 Commodities The opportunities for Hong Kong to develop an iron ore derivatives market
 13 Nov 2017
Equities & Equity Products 
Primary Equity Connect ― A breakthrough opportunity for Mainland-Hong Kong Mutual Market connectivity and RMB internationalisation 28 Aug 2017
Fixed Income & Currency The HKEX USD/CNH Options Contract ― A RMB currency risk management tool 17 Aug 2017
Commodities Hong Kong is building up itself to be the Asian Gold Pricing Centre 10 Jul 2017
Fixed Income & Currency Tapping into China’s domestic bond market ― An international perspective 16 May 2017
Overall market HKEX towards an offshore RMB product trading and risk management centre 19 Apr 2017
Fixed Income & Currency HKEX’s Five-Year China Ministry of Finance Treasury Bond Futures — The world’s first RMB bond derivatives accessible to offshore investors
- Full paper
- Summary
Apr 2017
Equities & Equity Products Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Connect ― A “mutual market” for Mainland and global investors Mar 2017
Equities & Equity Products CES China 120 Futures ― A useful offshore hedging tool for cross-border investment Feb 2017
Offshore RMB Market The liquidity provision mechanism for offshore RMB market — current status, impact and possible improvements Jan 2017

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the research papers do not necessarily represent the position of HKEX.