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Stock Futures


SEHKUnderlying StocksHKATS
AFE Solutions
ET Net
1288Agricultural Bank of China Ltd.ABC2212057012881288 HK Equity CT <GO> Futures page ->
Stock Futures Screen
1060Alibaba Pictures Group Ltd.ALI2212037010601060 HK Equity CT <GO>
2600Aluminum Corporation of China LimitedALC2211317026002600=A HK Equity
2357AviChina Industry & Technology Co. Ltd.AVI2212277023572357 HK Equity CT <GO>
3988Bank of China LimitedBCL2211397039883988=A HK Equity
3328Bank of Communications Co., Ltd.BCM2211357033283328=A HK Equity
2388BOC Hong Kong (Holdings) LimitedBOC2211127023882388=A HK Equity
293Cathay Pacific Airways Limited CPA221124700293293=A HK Equity
1816CGN Power Co., Ltd.CGN2212097018161816 HK Equity CT <GO>
3188China AMC CSI300 Index ETFAMC2213707031883188=A HK Equity
1359China Cinda Asset Management Co., Ltd.*CDA2212067013591359 HK Equity CT <GO>
998China CITIC Bank Corporation Ltd.CTB221202700998998 HK Equity CT <GO>
1898China Coal Energy Co. Ltd.CCE2212247018981898 HK Equity CT <GO>
1800China Communications Construction Company LimitedCCC2211457018001800=A HK Equity
939China Construction Bank CorporationCCB221138700939939=A HK Equity
1378China Hongqiao Group Ltd.CHQ2212077013781378 HK Equity CT <GO>
6863China Huishan Dairy holdings Co. Ltd.HUD2212157068636863 HK Equity CT <GO>
2628China Life Insurance Company LimitedCLI2210097026282628=A HK Equity
3968China Merchants Bank Co., Ltd.  CMB2211437039683968=A HK Equity
1988China Minsheng Banking Corp., Ltd.MSB2212257019881988 HK Equity CT <GO>
941China Mobile LimitedCHT221116700941941=A HK Equity
2883China Oilfileld Services Ltd.CHO2212287028832883 HK Equity CT <GO>
386China Petroleum & Chemical CorporationCPC221008700386386=A HK Equity
1088China Shenhua Energy Co. Ltd.CSE2212047010881088 HK Equity CT <GO>
1668China South City Holdings Ltd.CTY2212237016681668 HK Equity CT <GO>
1055China Southern Airlines Co. Ltd.SOA2212207010551055 HK Equity CT <GO>
728China Telecom Corporation LimitedCTC221132700728728=A HK Equity
762China Unicom (Hong Kong) LimitedCHU221127700762762=A HK Equity
267CITIC Limited CIT221113700267267=A HK Equity
6030CITIC Securities Co. Ltd.CTS2212137060306030 HK Equity CT <GO>
1CK Hutchison Holdings Ltd.CKH2211007000011=A HK Equity
2CLP Holdings LimitedCLP2211017000022=A HK Equity
883CNOOC LimitedCNC221140700883883=A HK Equity
2822COSP FTSE China A50 ETFCSA2213757028222822=A HK Equity
1766CRRC Corporation Ltd.CRR2212087017661766 HK Equity CT <GO>
861Digital China Holdings Ltd.DIG221201700861861 HK Equity CT <GO>
330Esprit Holdings LimitedESP221134700330330=A HK Equity
3333Evergrande Real Estate Group Ltd.EVG2212127033333333 HK Equity CT <GO>
2038FIH Mobile LimitedFIH2211467020382038=A HK Equity
656Foshan Intrenational Ltd.FOS221199700656656 HK Equity CT <GO>
493GOME Electrical Appliances Holding Ltd.GOM221198700493493 HK Equity CT <GO>
2333Great Wall Motor Co. Ltd.GWM2212267023332333 HK Equity CT <GO>
2238Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd.GAC2212117022382238 HK Equity CT <GO>
874Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Holdings Co. Ltd.BAI221218700874874 HK Equity CT <GO>
6837Haitong Securities Co. Ltd.HAI2212147068376837 HK Equity CT <GO>
11Hang Seng Bank LimitedHSB22110670001111=A HK Equity
12Henderson Land Development Company LimitedHLD22110770001212=A HK Equity
388Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing LimitedHEX221125700388388=A HK Equity
5HSBC Holdings Plc.HKB2211037000055=A HK Equity
902Huaneng Power International, Inc.HNP221141700902902=A HK Equity
6886Huitai Securities Co., Ltd.HTS2212317068866886 HK Equity CT <GO>
1398Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited  ICB2211447013981398=A HK Equity
2823iShares FTSE A50 China Index ETF^A502213657028232823=A HK Equity
3888Kingsoft Corporation Ltd.KSO2212307038883888 HK Equity CT <GO>
494Li & Fung LimitedLIF223518700494494=A HK Equity
66MTR Corporation LimitedMTR22112170006666=A HK Equity
1336New China Life Insurance Co. Ltd.NCL2212227013361336 HK Equity CT <GO>
17New World Development Company LimitedNWD22111070001717=A HK Equity
857PetroChina Company LimitedPEC221128700857857=A HK Equity
2328PICC Property and Casualty Company LimitedPIC2211477023282328=A HK Equity
2318Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, Ltd.PAI2211377023182318=A HK Equity
119Poly Propoerty Group Co., LtdPOL221216700119119 HK Equity CT <GO>
6Power Assets Holdings Limited HEH2211047000066=A HK Equity
981Semiconductor Manufacturing International CorporationSMC221219700981981 HK Equity CT <GO>
410SOHO China Ltd.SOH221217700410410 HK Equity CT <GO>
16Sun Hung Kai Properties LimitedSHK22110970001616=A HK Equity
1918Sunac China Holdings Ltd.SUN2212107019181918 HK Equity CT <GO>
19Swire Pacific Limited 'A' SWA22111170001919=A HK Equity
700Tencent Holdings Ltd.TCH221200700700700 HK Equity CT <GO>
23The Bank of East Asia, LimitedBEA22111870002323=A HK Equity
4The Wharf (Holdings) LimitedWHL2211027000044=A HK Equity
3The Hong Kong and China Gas Company LimitedHKG2211207000033=A HK Equity
1171Yanzhou Coal Mining Co. Ltd.YZC2212217011711171 HK Equity CT <GO>
2899Zijin Mining Group Co., Ltd.ZJM2212297028992899 HK Equity CT <GO>


SEHKUnderlying StocksHKATS
Real-time Data
Activ Financial
1288Agricultural Bank of China Ltd.ABCABC_Fmy.HFABCABC/YYM.HF
1060Alibaba Pictures Group Ltd.ALIALI_Fmy.HFALIALI/YYM.HF
2600Aluminum Corporation of China LimitedALCALCALCALC/YYM.HF
2357AviChina Industry & Technology Co. Ltd.AVIAVI_Fmy.HFAVIAVI/YYM.HF
3988Bank of China LimitedBCLBCLBCLBCL/YYM.HF
3328Bank of Communications Co., Ltd.BCMBCMBCMBCM/YYM.HF
2388BOC Hong Kong (Holdings) LimitedBOCBOCBOCBOC/YYM.HF
293Cathay Pacific Airways Limited CPACPACPACPA/YYM.HF
1359China Cinda Asset Management Co., Ltd.CDACDA_Fmy.HFCDACDA/YYM.HF
998China CITIC Bank Corporation Ltd.CTBCTB_Fmy.HFCTBCTB/YYM.HF
1898China Coal Energy Co. Ltd.CCECCE_Fmy.HFCCECCE/YYM.HF
1800China Communications Construction Company LimitedCCCCCCCCCCCC/YYM.HF
939China Construction Bank CorporationCCBCCBCCBCCB/YYM.HF
1378China Hongqiao Group Ltd.CHQCHQ_Fmy.HFCHQCHQ/YYM.HF
6863China Huishan Dairy holdings Co. Ltd.HUDHUD_Fmy.HFHUDHUD/YYM.HF
2628China Life Insurance Company LimitedCLICLICLICLI/YYM.HF
3968China Merchants Bank Co., Ltd.  CMBCMBCMBCMB/YYM.HF
1988China Minsheng Banking Corp., Ltd.MSBMSB_Fmy.HFMSBMSB/YYM.HF
941China Mobile LimitedCHTCHTCHTCHT/YYM.HF
2883China Oilfileld Services Ltd.CHOCHOCHO/YYM.HF
386China Petroleum & Chemical CorporationCPCCPCCPCCPC/YYM.HF
1088China Shenhua Energy Co. Ltd.CSECSE_Fmy.HFCSECSE/YYM.HF
1668China South City Holdings Ltd.CTYCTY_Fmy.HFCTYCTY/YYM.HF
1055China Southern Airlines Co. Ltd.SOASOA_Fmy.HFSOASOA/YYM.HF
728China Telecom Corporation LimitedCTCCTCCTCCTC/YYM.HF
762China Unicom (Hong Kong) LimitedCHUCHUCHUCHU/YYM.HF
1CK Hutchison Holdings Ltd.CKHCKHCKHCKH/YYM.HF
861Digital China Holdings Ltd.DIGDIG_Fmy.HFDIGDIG/YYM.HF
330Esprit Holdings LimitedESPESPESPESP/YYM.HF
3333Evergrande Real Estate Group Ltd.EVGEVG_Fmy.HFEVGEVG/YYM.HF
656Foshan Intrenational Ltd.FOSFOS_Fmy.HFFOSFOS/YYM.HF
493GOME Electrical Appliances Holding Ltd.GOMGOM_Fmy.HFGOMGOM/YYM.HF
2333Great Wall Motor Co. Ltd.GWMGWM_Fmy.HFGWMGWM/YYM.HF
2238Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd.GACGAC_Fmy.HFGACGAC/YYM.HF
874Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Holdings Co. Ltd.**BAIBAI_Fmy.HFBAIBAI/YYM.HF
6837Haitong Securities Co. Ltd.HAIHAI_Fmy.HFHAIHAI/YYM.HF
11Hang Seng Bank LimitedHSBHSBHSBHSB/YYM.HF
12Henderson Land Development Company LimitedHLDHLDHLDHLD/YYM.HF
388Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing LimitedHEXHEXHEXHEX/YYM.HF
902Huaneng Power International, Inc.HNPHNPHNPHNP/YYM.HF
6886Huitai Securities Co., Ltd.HTSHTS_Fmy.HFHTSHTS/YYM.HF
1398Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited  ICBICBICBICB/YYM.HF
2823iShares FTSE A50 China Index ETF^A50A50A50A50/YYM.HF
3888Kingsoft Corporation Ltd.KSOKSO_Fmy.HFKSOKSO/YYM.HF
66MTR Corporation LimitedMTRMTRMTRMTR/YYM.HF
1336New China Life Insurance Co. Ltd.NCLNCL_Fmy.HFNCLNCL/YYM.HF
17New World Development Company LimitedNWDNWDNWDNWD/YYM.HF
857PetroChina Company LimitedPECPECPECPEC/YYM.HF
2328PICC Property and Casualty Company LimitedPICPICPICPIC/YYM.HF
2318Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, Ltd.PAIPAIPAIPAI/YYM.HF
119Poly Propoerty Group Co., LtdPOLPOL_Fmy.HFPOLPOL/YYM.HF
6Power Assets Holdings Limited HEHHEHHEHHEH/YYM.HF
981Semiconductor Manufacturing International CorporationSMCSMC_Fmy.HFSMCSMC/YYM.HF
16Sun Hung Kai Properties LimitedSHKSHKSHKSHK/YYM.HF
1918Sunac China Holdings Ltd.SUNSUN_Fmy.HFSUNSUN/YYM.HF
19Swire Pacific Limited 'A' SWASWASWASWA/YYM.HF
700Tencent Holdings Ltd.TCHTCH_Fmy.HFTCHTCH/YYM.HF
23The Bank of East Asia, LimitedBEABEABEABEA/YYM.HF
4The Wharf (Holdings) LimitedWHLWHLWHLWHL/YYM.HF
3The Hong Kong and China Gas Company LimitedHKGHKGHKGHKG/YYM.HF
1171Yanzhou Coal Mining Co. Ltd.YZCYZC_Fmy.HFYZCYZC/YYM.HF
2899Zijin Mining Group Co., Ltd.ZJMZJM_Fmy.HFZJMZJM/YYM.HF


SEHKUnderlying StocksHKATS
Quote Power
Int’l Ltd.
1288Agricultural Bank of China Ltd.ABCABCmy0#HABC:P11166
1060Alibaba Pictures Group Ltd.ALIALImy0#HALI:P11164
2600Aluminum Corporation of China LimitedALCALCmy0#HALC:P11140
2357AviChina Industry & Technology Co. Ltd.AVIAVImy0#HAVI:P11188
3988Bank of China LimitedBCLBCLmy0#HBCL:P11105
3328Bank of Communications Co., Ltd.BCMBCMmy0#HHBC:P11144
2388BOC Hong Kong (Holdings) LimitedBOCBOCmy0#HBOC:P11131
293Cathay Pacific Airways Limited CPACPAmy0#HCX:P11124
1816CGN Power Co., Ltd.CGNCGNmy0#HCGN:P11170
3188China AMC CSI300 Index ETFAMCAMCmy0#HAMC:P11202
1359China Cinda Asset Management Co., Ltd.CDACDAmy0#HCDA:P11167
998China CITIC Bank Corporation Ltd.CTBCTBmy0#HCTB:P11163
1898China Coal Energy Co. Ltd.CCECCEmy0#HCCE:P11185
1800China Communications Construction Company LimitedCCCCCCmy0#HCCC:P11152
939China Construction Bank CorporationCCBCCBmy0#HCCB:P11147
1378China Hongqiao Group Ltd.CHQCHQmy0#HCHQ:P11168
6863China Huishan Dairy holdings Co. Ltd.HUDHUDmy0#HHUD:P11176
2628China Life Insurance Company LimitedCLICLImy0#HCLI:P11141
3968China Merchants Bank Co., Ltd.  CMBCMBmy0#HCMB:P11148
1988China Minsheng Banking Corp., Ltd.MSBMSBmy0#HMSB:P11186
941China Mobile LimitedCHTCHTmy0#HCH:P11116
2883China Oilfileld Services Ltd.CHOCHOmy0#HCHO:P11189
386China Petroleum & Chemical CorporationCPCCPCmy0#HCPC:P11143
1088China Shenhua Energy Co. Ltd.CSECSEmy0#HCSE:P11165
1668China South City Holdings Ltd.CTYCTYmy0#HCTY:P11184
1055China Southern Airlines Co. Ltd.SOASOAmy0#HSOA:P11181
728China Telecom Corporation LimitedCTCCTCmy0#HCTC:P11142
762China Unicom (Hong Kong) LimitedCHUCHUmy0#HCU:P11127
267CITIC Limited CITCITmy0#HCIT:P11113
6030CITIC Securities Co. Ltd.CTSCTSmy0#HCTS:P11174
1CK Hutchison Holdings Ltd.CKHCKHmy0#HCK:P11100
2CLP Holdings LimitedCLPCLPmy0#HCL:P11101
883CNOOC LimitedCNCCNCmy0#HCNC:P11135
2822COSP FTSE China A50 ETFCSACSAmy0#HCFA:P11200
1766CRRC Corporation Ltd.CRRCRRmy0#HCRR:P11169
861Digital China Holdings Ltd.DIGDIGmy0#HDIG:P11162
330Esprit Holdings LimitedESPESPmy0#HES:P11133
3333Evergrande Real Estate Group Ltd.EVGEVGmy0#HEVG:P11173
2038FIH Mobile LimitedFIHFIHmy0#HFIH:P11153
656Foshan Intrenational Ltd.FOSFOSmy0#HFOS:P11160
493GOME Electrical Appliances Holding Ltd.GOMGOMmy0#HGOM:P11159
2333Great Wall Motor Co. Ltd.GWMGWMmy0#HGWM:P11187
2238Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd.GACGACmy0#HGAC:P11172
874Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Holdings Co. Ltd.BAIBAImy0#HBAI:P11179
6837Haitong Securities Co. Ltd.HAIHAImy0#HHAI:P11175
11Hang Seng Bank LimitedHSBHSBmy0#HHS:P11106
12Henderson Land Development Company LimitedHLDHLDmy0#HHLD:P11107
388Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing LimitedHEXHEXmy0#HEX:P11125
5HSBC Holdings Plc.HKBHKBmy0#HKB:P11103
902Huaneng Power International, Inc.HNPHNPmy0#HHNP:P11137
6886Huitai Securities Co., Ltd.HTSHTSmy0#HHTS:P11192
1398Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited  ICBICBmy0#HIBC:P11149
2823iShares FTSE A50 China Index ETF^A50A50my0#HA50:P11201
3888Kingsoft Corporation Ltd.KSOKSOmy0#HKSO:P11191
494Li & Fung LimitedLIFLIFmy0#HLF:P11126
66MTR Corporation LimitedMTRMTRmy0#HMT:P11121
1336New China Life Insurance Co. Ltd.NCLNCLmy0#HNCL:P11183
17New World Development Company LimitedNWDNWDmy0#HNW:P11110
857PetroChina Company LimitedPECPECmy0#HPE:P11128
2328PICC Property and Casualty Company LimitedPICPICmy0#HPIC:P11154
2318Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, Ltd.PAIPAImy0#HHPA:P11146
119Poly Propoerty Group Co., LtdPOLPOLmy0#HPOL:P11177
6Power Assets Holdings Limited HEHHEHmy0#HEH:P11104
981Semiconductor Manufacturing International CorporationSMCSMCmy0#HSMC:P11180
410SOHO China Ltd.SOHSOHmy0#HSOH:P11178
16Sun Hung Kai Properties LimitedSHKSHKmy0#HSU:P11109
1918Sunac China Holdings Ltd.SUNSUNmy0#HSUN:P11171
19Swire Pacific Limited 'A' SWASWAmy0#HSA:P11111
700Tencent Holdings Ltd.TCHTCHmy0#HTCH:P11161
23The Bank of East Asia, LimitedBEABEAmy0#HBE:P11118
4The Wharf (Holdings) LimitedWHLWHLmy0#HWH:P11102
3The Hong Kong and China Gas Company LimitedHKGHKGmy0#HCG:P11120
1171Yanzhou Coal Mining Co. Ltd.YZCYZCmy0#HYZC:P11182
2899Zijin Mining Group Co., Ltd.ZJMZJMmy0#HZJM:P11190


SEHKUnderlying StocksHKATS
浙江核新同花顺网络信息股份有限公司 Shangahi Wind Information CO. Ltd.上海乾隆高科技
1288Agricultural Bank of China Ltd.ABCABCCABCF+yymm+.HK
1060Alibaba Pictures Group Ltd.ALIALICALIF+yymm+.HK
2600Aluminum Corporation of China LimitedALCALCCALCF+yymm+.HK237013
2357AviChina Industry & Technology Co. Ltd.AVIAVICAVIF+yymm+.HK
3988Bank of China LimitedBCLBCLC BCLF+yymm+.HK241013
3328Bank of Communications Co., Ltd.BCMBCMCBCMF+yymm+.HK239013
2388BOC Hong Kong (Holdings) LimitedBOCBOCCBOCF+yymm+.HK236013
293Cathay Pacific Airways Limited CPACPACCPAF+yymm+.HK218013
1816CGN Power Co., Ltd.CGNCGNCCGNF+yymm+.HK
3188China AMC CSI300 Index ETFAMCAMCCAMCF+yymm+.HK244013
1359China Cinda Asset Management Co., Ltd.CDACDACCDAF+yymm+.HK
998China CITIC Bank Corporation Ltd.CTBCTBCCTBF+yymm+.HK
1898China Coal Energy Co. Ltd.CCECCECCCEF+yymm+.HK
1800China Communications Construction Company LimitedCCCCCCCCCCF+yymm+.HK232013
939China Construction Bank CorporationCCBCCBCCCBF+yymm+.HK228013
1378China Hongqiao Group Ltd.CHQCHQCCHQF+yymm+.HK
6863China Huishan Dairy holdings Co. Ltd.HUDHUDCHUDF+yymm+.HK
2628China Life Insurance Company LimitedCLICLICCLIF+yymm+.HK238013
3968China Merchants Bank Co., Ltd.  CMBCMBCCMBF+yymm+.HK240013
1988China Minsheng Banking Corp., Ltd.MSBMSBCMSBF+yymm+.HK
941China Mobile LimitedCHTCHTCCHTF+yymm+.HK229013
2883China Oilfileld Services Ltd.CHOCHOCCHOF+yymm+.HK
386China Petroleum & Chemical CorporationCPCCPCCCPCF+yymm+.HK220013
1088China Shenhua Energy Co. Ltd.CSECSECCSEF+yymm+.HK
1668China South City Holdings Ltd.CTYCTYCCTYF+yymm+.HK
1055China Southern Airlines Co. Ltd.SOASOACSOAF+yymm+.HK
728China Telecom Corporation LimitedCTCCTCCCTCF+yymm+.HK223013
762China Unicom (Hong Kong) LimitedCHUCHUCCHUF+yymm+.HK224013
267CITIC Limited CITCITCCITF+yymm+.HK217013
6030CITIC Securities Co. Ltd.CTSCTSCCTSF+yymm+.HK
1CK Hutchison Holdings Ltd.CKHCKHCCKHF+yymm+.HK200013
2CLP Holdings LimitedCLPCLPCCLPF+yymm+.HK201013
883CNOOC LimitedCNCCNCCCNCF+yymm+.HK226013
2822COSP FTSE China A50 ETFCSACSACCSAF+yymm+.HK242013
1766CRRC Corporation Ltd.CRRCRRCCRRF+yymm+.HK
861Digital China Holdings Ltd.DIGDIGCDIGF+yymm+.HK
330Esprit Holdings LimitedESPESPCESPF+yymm+.HK219013
3333Evergrande Real Estate Group Ltd.EVGEVGCEVGF+yymm+.HK
2038FIH Mobile LimitedFIHFIHCFIHF+yymm+.HK233013
656Foshan Intrenational Ltd.FOSFOSCFOSF+yymm+.HK
493GOME Electrical Appliances Holding Ltd.GOMGOMCGOMF+yymm+.HK
2333Great Wall Motor Co. Ltd.GWMGWMCGWMF+yymm+.HK
2238Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd.GACGACCGACF+yymm+.HK
874Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Holdings Co. Ltd.BAIBAICBAIF+yymm+.HK
6837Haitong Securities Co. Ltd.HAIHAICHAIF+yymm+.HK
11Hang Seng Bank LimitedHSBHSBCHSBF+yymm+.HK207013
12Henderson Land Development Company LimitedHLDHLDCHLDF+yymm+.HK208013
388Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing LimitedHEXHEXCHEXF+yymm+.HK221013
5HSBC Holdings Plc.HKBHKBCHKBF+yymm+.HK204013
902Huaneng Power International, Inc.HNPHNPCHNPF+yymm+.HK227013
6886Huitai Securities Co., Ltd.HTSHTSCHTSF+yymm+.HK
1398Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited ICBICBCICBF+yymm+.HK231013
2823iShares FTSE A50 China Index ETF^A50A50CA50F+yymm+.HK243013
3888Kingsoft Corporation Ltd.KSOKSOCKSOF+yymm+.HK
494Li & Fung LimitedLIFLIFCLIFCF+yymm+.HK222013
66MTR Corporation LimitedMTRMTRCMTRF+yymm+.HK214013
1336New China Life Insurance Co. Ltd.NCLNCLCNCLF+yymm+.HK
17New World Development Company LimitedNWDNWDCNWDF+yymm+.HK211013
857PetroChina Company LimitedPECPECCPECF+yymm+.HK225013
2328PICC Property and Casualty Company LimitedPICPICCPICF+yymm+.HK235013
2318Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, Ltd.PAIPAICPAIF+yymm+.HK234013
119Poly Propoerty Group Co., LtdPOLPOLCPOLF+yymm+.HK
6Power Assets Holdings Limited HEHHEHCHEHF+yymm+.HK205013
981Semiconductor Manufacturing International CorporationSMCSMCCSMCF+yymm+.HK
410SOHO China Ltd.SOHSOHCSOHF+yymm+.HK
16Sun Hung Kai Properties LimitedSHKSHKCSHKF+yymm+.HK210013
1918Sunac China Holdings Ltd.SUNSUNCSUNF+yymm+.HK
19Swire Pacific Limited 'A' SWASWACSWAF+yymm+.HK212013
700Tencent Holdings Ltd.TCHTCHCTCHF+yymm+.HK
23The Bank of East Asia, LimitedBEABEACBEAF+yymm+.HK213013
4The Wharf (Holdings) LimitedWHLWHLCWHLF+yymm+.HK203013
3The Hong Kong and China Gas Company LimitedHKGHKGCHKGF+yymm+.HK202013
1171Yanzhou Coal Mining Co. Ltd.YZCYZCCYZCF+yymm+.HK
2899Zijin Mining Group Co., Ltd.ZJMZJMCZJMF+yymm+.HK


Underlying StocksHKATS
Shanghai DZH Ltd.MarketPrizm Hong Kong Ltd  Interactive Data Corp.DB Power Online Limited
1288Agricultural Bank of China Ltd.ABCABC + Month Code +Year CodeABCmyFn:ABC\MYYDDABC
1060Alibaba Pictures Group Ltd.ALIALI + Month Code +Year CodeALImyFn:ALI\MYYDDALI
2600Aluminum Corporation of China LimitedALCALC + Month Code +Year CodeALCmyFn:ALC\MYYDDALC
2357AviChina Industry & Technology Co. Ltd.AVIAVI + Month Code +Year CodeAVImyFn:AVI\MYYDDAVI
3988Bank of China LimitedBCLBCL + Month Code +Year CodeBCLmyFn:BCL\MYYDDBCL
3328Bank of Communications Co., Ltd.BCMBCM + Month Code +Year CodeBCMmmyFn:BCM\MYYDDBCM
2388BOC Hong Kong (Holdings) LimitedBOCBOC + Month Code +Year CodeBOCmyFn:BOC\MYYDDBOC
293Cathay Pacific Airways Limited CPACPA + Month Code +Year CodeCPAmyFn:CPA\MYYDDCPA
1816CGN Power Co., Ltd.*CGNCGN + Month Code +Year CodeCGNmyFn:CGN\MYYDDCGN
3188China AMC CSI300 Index ETFAMCAMC + Month Code +Year CodeAMCmyFn:AMC\MYYDDAMC
1359China Cinda Asset Management Co., Ltd.CDACDA + Month Code +Year CodeCDAmyFn:CDA\MYYDDCDA
998China CITIC Bank Corporation Ltd.CTBCTB + Month Code +Year CodeCTBmyFn:CTB\MYYDDCTB
1898China Coal Energy Co. Ltd.CCECCE + Month Code +Year CodeCCEmyFn:CCE\MYYDDCCE
1800China Communications Construction Company LimitedCCCCCC + Month Code +Year CodeCCCmyFn:CCC\MYYDDCCC
939China Construction Bank CorporationCCBCCB + Month Code +Year CodeCCBmyFn:CCB\MYYDDCCB
1378China Hongqiao Group Ltd.CHQCHQ + Month Code +Year CodeCHQmyFn:CHQ\MYYDDCHQ
6863China Huishan Dairy holdings Co. Ltd.HUDHUD + Month Code +Year CodeHUDmyFn:HUD\MYYDDHUD
2628China Life Insurance Company LimitedCLICLI + Month Code +Year CodeCLImyFn:CLI\MYYDDCLI
3968China Merchants Bank Co., Ltd.  CMBCMB + Month Code +Year CodeCMBmyFn:CMB\MYYDDCMB
1988China Minsheng Banking Corp., Ltd.MSBMSB + Month Code +Year CodeMSBmyFn:MSB\MYYDDMSB
941China Mobile LimitedCHTCHT + Month Code +Year CodeCHTmyFn:CHT\MYYDDCHT
2883China Oilfileld Services Ltd.CHOCHO + Month Code +Year CodeCHOmyFn:CHO\MYYDDCHO
386China Petroleum & Chemical CorporationCPCCPC + Month Code +Year CodeCPCmyFn:CPC\MYYDDCPC
1088China Shenhua Energy Co. Ltd.CSECSE + Month Code +Year CodeCSEmyFn:CSE\MYYDDCSE
1668China South City Holdings Ltd.CTYCTY + Month Code +Year CodeCTYmyFn:CTY\MYYDDCTY
1055China Southern Airlines Co. Ltd.SOASOA + Month Code +Year CodeSOAmyFn:SOA\MYYDDSOA
728China Telecom Corporation LimitedCTCCTC + Month Code +Year CodeCTCmyFn:CTC\MYYDDCTC
762China Unicom (Hong Kong) LimitedCHUCHU + Month Code +Year CodeCHUmyFn:CHU\MYYDDCHU
267CITIC Limited CITCIT + Month Code +Year CodeCITmyFn:CIT\MYYDDCIT
6030CITIC Securities Co. Ltd.CTSCTS + Month Code +Year CodeCTSmyFn:CTS\MYYDDCTS
1CK Hutchison Holdings Ltd.CKHCKH + Month Code +Year CodeCKHmyFn:CKH\MYYDDCKH
2CLP Holdings LimitedCLPCLP + Month Code +Year CodeCLPmyFn:CLP\MYYDDCLP
883CNOOC LimitedCNCCNC + Month Code +Year CodeCNCmyFn:CNC\MYYDDCNC
2822COSP FTSE China A50 ETFCSACSA + Month Code +Year CodeCSAmyFn:CSA\MYYDDCSA
1766CRRC Corporation Ltd.CRRCRR + Month Code +Year CodeCRRCmyFn:CRR\MYYDDCRR
861Digital China Holdings Ltd.DIGDIG + Month Code +Year CodeDIGmyFn:DIG\MYYDDDIG
330Esprit Holdings LimitedESPESP + Month Code +Year CodeESPmyFn:ESP\MYYDDESP
3333Evergrande Real Estate Group Ltd.EVGEVG + Month Code +Year CodeEVGmyFn:EVG\MYYDDEVG
2038FIH Mobile LimitedFIHFIH + Month Code +Year CodeFIHmyFn:FIH\MYYDDFIH
656Foshan Intrenational Ltd.FOSFOS + Month Code +Year CodeFOSmyFn:FOS\MYYDDFOS
493GOME Electrical Appliances Holding Ltd.GOMGOM + Month Code +Year CodeGOMmyFn:GOM\MYYDDGOM
2333Great Wall Motor Co. Ltd.GWMGWM + Month Code +Year CodeGWMmyFn:GWM\MYYDDGWM
2238Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd.GACGAC + Month Code +Year CodeGACmyFn:GAC\MYYDDGAC
874Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Holdings Co. Ltd.BAIBAI + Month Code +Year CodeBAImyFn:BAI\MYYDDBAI
6837Haitong Securities Co. Ltd.HAIHAI + Month Code +Year CodeHAImyFn:HAI\MYYDDHAI
11Hang Seng Bank LimitedHSBHSB + Month Code +Year CodeHSBmyFn:HSB\MYYDDHSB
12Henderson Land Development Company LimitedHLDHLD + Month Code +Year CodeHLDmyFn:HLD\MYYDDHLD
388Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing LimitedHEXHEX + Month Code +Year CodeHEXmyFn:HEX\MYYDDHEX
5HSBC Holdings Plc.HKBHKB + Month Code +Year CodeHKBmyFn:HKB\MYYDDHKB
902Huaneng Power International, Inc.HNPHNP + Month Code +Year CodeHNPmyFn:HNP\MYYDDHNP
6886Huitai Securities Co., Ltd.HTSHTS + Month Code +Year CodeHTSmyFn:HTS\MYYDDHTS
1398Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited  ICBICB + Month Code +Year CodeICBmyFn:ICB\MYYDDICB
2823iShares FTSE A50 China Index ETF^A50A50 + Month Code +Year CodeA50myFn:A50\MYYDDA50
3888Kingsoft Corporation Ltd.KSOKSO + Month Code +Year CodeJSOmyFn:KSO\MYYDDKSO
494Li & Fung LimitedLIFLIF + Month Code +Year CodeLIFmyFn:LIF\MYYDDLIF
66MTR Corporation LimitedMTRMTR + Month Code +Year CodeMTRmyFn:MTR\MYYDDMTR
1336New China Life Insurance Co. Ltd.**NCLNCL + Month Code +Year CodeNCLmyFn:NCL\MYYDDNCL
17New World Development Company LimitedNWDNWD + Month Code +Year CodeNWDmyFn:NWD\MYYDDNWD
857PetroChina Company LimitedPECPEC + Month Code +Year CodePECmyFn:PEC\MYYDDPEC
2328PICC Property and Casualty Company LimitedPICPIC + Month Code +Year CodePICmyFn:PIC\MYYDDPIC
2318Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, Ltd.PAIABC + Month Code +Year CodePAImyFn:PAI\MYYDDPAI
119Poly Propoerty Group Co., LtdPOLPOL + Month Code +Year CodePOLmyFn:POL\MYYDDPOL
6Power Assets Holdings Limited HEHHEI + Month Code +Year CodeHEHmyFn:HEH\MYYDDHEH
981Semiconductor Manufacturing International CorporationSMCSMC + Month Code +Year CodeSMCmyFn:SMC\MYYDDSMC
410SOHO China Ltd.SOHSOH + Month Code +Year CodeSOHmyFn:SOH\MYYDDSOH
16Sun Hung Kai Properties LimitedSHKSHK + Month Code +Year CodeSHKmyFn:SHK\MYYDDSHK
1918Sunac China Holdings Ltd.SUNSUN + Month Code +Year CodeSUNmyFn:SUN\MYYDDSUN
19Swire Pacific Limited 'A' SWASWA + Month Code +Year CodeSWAmyFn:SWA\MYYDDSWA
700Tencent Holdings Ltd.TCHTCH + Month Code +Year CodeTCHmyFn:TCH\MYYDDTCH
23The Bank of East Asia, LimitedBEABEA + Month Code +Year CodeBEAmyFn:BEA\MYYDDBEA
4The Wharf (Holdings) LimitedWHLWHL + Month Code +Year CodeWHLmyFn:WHL\MYYDDWHL
3The Hong Kong and China Gas Company LimitedHKGHKG + Month Code +Year CodeHKGmyFn:HKG\MYYDDHKG
1171Yanzhou Coal Mining Co. Ltd.YZCYZC + Month Code +Year CodeYZCmyFn:YZC\MYYDDYZC
2899Zijin Mining GroupZJMZJM + Month +yearZJMmyFn:ZJM\MYYDDZJM

^ Synthetic ETF
y Contract Year
m Contract Month

Updated 11 Mar 2016