ESG performance has become a proxy for a company's resilience and risk management capabilities; but it also demonstrates and enhances the long-term value of a business. As an international exchange operator and market regulator, we see ourselves as an important catalyst, facilitator and enabler for ESG adoption and development.

Bonnie Y Chan
Head of Listing, HKEX
Our Objectives.

As the global markets leader in the Asian timezone, we are committed to helping companies take the next step, from “measuring” to “managing” their ESG risks. ESG Academy seeks to support, guide and educate listed companies and the broader business community in their sustainability journeys, and help them implement change for real impact.


Setting out our requirements and framework for listed issuers in order to enhance ESG disclosure and understanding in our financial markets, ensuring that investors and the market are given sufficient information to make informed investment decisions.


Bringing leading practitioners together, to share practical advice and demonstrate the business case for ESG stewardship; deepening ESG understanding among issuers and the wider business community.


Serving as a go-to platform for guidance materials, training, and other ESG resources; helping to facilitate companies in building their own long-term sustainability strategies

Our Rules and

ESG Academy serves as a guiding compass for the broad business, and investor community, helping them to develop a clear understanding on the evolving ESG requirements.

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Our Guidance

ESG Academy assists listed issuers in the exploration of the themes and trends that are defining the future of ESG; helping them to construct a solid roadmap for integrating ESG considerations into their business strategies.