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Debt Securities

Debt Securities listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (SEHK), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX), include bonds and notes which represent loans to an entity (such as a government or corporation) in which the entity promises to repay the bondholders or note-holders the total amount borrowed. That repayment in most cases is made on maturity although some loans are repayable in instalments. Unlike shareholders, holders of bonds and notes are not owners of an entity, but its creditors.
In return for the loan, the entity will usually compensate the bondholders or note-holders with interest payments during the life of the bond or note. The interest rate on bonds and notes can be a fixed or floating rate.

For debt applications or enquiries, please e-mail to

Naming conventions of stock short name for debt securities

Note: The following naming conventions are applicable in most cases but are not exclusive for all circumstances.

Hong Kong Monetary Authority Exchange Fund Notes

EFN  9-99  YYMM    

HKSAR Government Bonds 

HKGB  9-99  YYMM  



Other Debts




Traded in Renminbi




9.99 - Interest rate

YY/YYYY - Expiry year

MM - Expiry month

Q - Up to 10 characters representing the underlying debt securities (may include currency code and denomination)

N - N = Notes ; B = Bonds ; I = Guaranteed Instruments ; C = Certificates

A - Serial number for additional issues by the same issuer with same expiry year and month (A, B, C ...)

CNY/R - Indicator for Debt Securities traded in Renminbi (RMB)

Stock Code Allocation Plan For Debt Securities

Stock Codes To be allocated for new listing of
Ranges Sub-ranges
00001-09999 Securities listed on the Main Board and GEM and information pages
04000-04199 Hong Kong Monetary Authority Exchange Fund Notes
04200-04299 HKSAR Government Bonds
Debt securities for professional investors only
   06750-06799  Bonds of Ministry of the Finance of the People's Republic of China
80000-89999 Products traded in Renminbi
Debt securities for professional investors only
   85744-85900   Debt securities for the public
86600-86799 Bonds of Ministry of the Finance of the People's Republic of China