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Equity securities, generally referred to as shares, comprise ordinary shares and preference shares. Most of the equity securities listed on the Exchange are ordinary shares that account for most of the turnover of the Exchange.

Ordinary shares and preferred shares are equity shares issued by the company to shareholders. Ordinary or common shareholders (i.e. holders of ordinary shares), being owners of the company, have voting rights and receive dividends at the discretion of the company. However, the payment of dividends is not mandatory even if a company records a profit in the year.

Preferred shareholders are entitled to a preferential distribution out of profits prior to any distribution to the ordinary shareholders. Preferred shareholders have no voting rights and receive fixed dividends (i.e. the dividend does not increase even if the company's profit increases). Preferred shareholders also have a claim on corporate assets, in the event of liquidation, which ranks ahead of ordinary shareholders, but behind that of the company's creditors. Participating preference shareholders may receive additional dividends if the profits are sufficient. Meanwhile, cumulative preference shares carry forward the right to profits to following years, if there are insufficient profits to pay the holders in any one year.

Naming Conventions of Stock Short Name

Equity Securities


Q - Up to 15 characters representing the name of the listed company

S - Secondary listing indicator

W - Companies with weighted voting right structures indicator

B - Biotech companies indicator

R - Indicator for products traded in Renminbi (RMB)

The above naming convention for products traded in Renminbi comes into effect on 23 May 2012.  The stock short name of respective product types listed before 23 May 2012 will remain unchanged.
During the parallel trading period, if any, there will be indicators used to distinguish the original and the temporary trading stock counters.

Hong Kong Depositary Receipts (HDRs)


Q - Up to 12 characters representing the issuer and / or the underlying share

DR - Depositary Receipts Indicator

S - Secondary listing indicator

RS - Depositary Receipts which are restricted securities (RS) under US federal securities laws.
Please click here for explanation of RS

Equity Warrants




Q - Up to 12 characters representing the underlying equity securities

W - Equity Warrants indicator

YY - Expiry year

MM - Expiry month

Stapled Securities


Q - Up to 12 characters representing the name of the listed Stapled Securities

SS - Indicator for Stapled Securities

stock code allocation table

Stock Codes To be Allocated For New Listing of
Ranges Sub-ranges
00001-09999 Securities listed on the Main Board and GEM and information pages
06200-06499 Hong Kong Depositary Receipts (HDRs)
06300-06399 HDRs which are restricted securities (RS) under US federal securities laws. Please click here for explanation of RS
08000-08999 GEM securities and GEM information pages
80000-89999 Products traded in Renminbi

Updated 27 Aug 2018