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Listed structured products are financial instruments issued by authorized financial institutions (Issuers) and traded on the cash market of HKEX.  The payoff of structured products is based on the performance of the underlying asset(s), which can be stocks, stock indices, fixed income, currencies, commodities or a basket of assets.  Structured products can be designed to allow investments under different expectations on price movements of underlying asset(s), such as direction and range.  The maximum level of investors’ capital at risk will not exceed the initial investment amount.

The following listed structured products are currently available for listing and trading on the equity market of HKEX:



Newly Launched Structured Products

Inline Warrants

Inline Warrants are a type of structured product that entitle the investors to receive a pre-determined fixed payment at expiry, depending on whether the underlying falls at or within (In-the-Range) or outside (Out-of-the-Range) the Upper and Lower Strikes at expiry.

Download [Inline Warrants Leaflet]

Updated 11 May 2020