Market Makers

There are over 20 Securities Market Makers (SMMs) and Designated Specialists (DSs) providing market liquidity and price efficiency to Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) on HKEX.

To view the SMM and DS list by product visit the ETP List.


Market Makers

Firm Name Telephone Email SMM DS  Broker number *
ETF L&I Product ETF L&I Product 
AP Capital Management (Hong Kong) Limited 852-3910 6288 info@apcapitalinvestment.com X X      
Bluefin HK Limited
852-2510 0020 hketf@bluefintrading.com
X X      
BNP Paribas Securities (Asia) Limited 852-2108 5639 eqd_panasia_flow@asia.bnpparibas.com  X X      
BOCI Securities Limited
852-3988 6958 etf@bocigroup.com X        
Citadel Securities (Hong Kong) Limited      X        
DRW Singapore Pte. Ltd.  65-65498603  bm-asia@drw.com    

8530 / 8531

Eclipse Options (HK) Limited 852-2108 7300   X        
Flow Traders Hong Kong Limited  852-2593 3039  fit.apac@sg.flowtraders.com  X X      
Haitong International Securities Company Ltd 852-2801 6829 HT-ETFMM@htisec.com X X      
Hang Seng Securities Limited 852-2198 5127   X        
Head & Shoulders Securities Limited     X  X      
HSBC Broking Securities (Hong Kong) Limited 852-2867 1938   X        
HSBC Securities Brokers (Asia) Limited

852-2822 1512 /

852-2822 4541

IMC Asia Pacific Limited 61-2-82644727  apacetf@imcpacific.com.au X X      
Interactive Brokers Hong Kong Limited 852-2156 7907 sales@interactivebrokers.com.hk X        
Jane Street Financial Limited 852-3900 7390  asiasales@janestreet.com       X      2071
Jump Trading Pacific Pte. Ltd.         8553 
Merrill Lynch Far East Limited 852-2536 3218   X        
Mirae Asset Securities (HK) Limited      X        
Optiver Trading Hong Kong Limited 61-2-92756000 FlowDesk@Optiver.com.au X X      
Phillip Securities (Hong Kong) Limited 852-2277 6683   X        
Phillip Securities Pte Ltd          X    6836
SG Securities (HK) Limited 852-2166 4132 asi-mark-gef-trd-indexation@sgcib.com  X  X      
T G Securities Limited  852-2905 9529   X        
Tower Research Capital (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. 65-6513 9800   bm-apac@tower-research.com       8551 / 8552 
Virtu Financial Singapore PTE. Ltd.  65-6643-5108  apacetf-trading@virtu.com      X  406 / 408
Yue Kun Research Limited

Securities Market Maker Telephone Email ETF SMM L&I Product SMM


* Broker numbers are only available for Designated Specialists here.  For Securities Market Makers' broker numbers, please refer to http://www.hkex.com.hk/eng/plw/search.aspx?selecttype=se.

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