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Datafeed Application Procedure (for existing End-Users)

(for existing end-users who wish to apply other real-time datafeeds under the Market Data End-User Licence Agreement)

Effective: 1 December 2012 



  1. An application is deemed to have been formally lodged with HKEX-IS when the end-user (EU) formally submitted a Form E2.  A letter of acknowledgement (“Letter E2”) of the submission of Form E2 will be issued. 

  2. After the Form E2 is considered duly completed, HKEX-IS will issue a confirmation letter (“Letter F2”) to the EU.  Upon receipt of Letter F2, the EU is required to:

    1. Pay the One-off Connection Fee required for the real-time datafeed.

    2. Arrange for SD Net Line installation

    The EU has to provide all information required under Form E2 normally within a period of 2 months from the date of Letter E2.  HKEX-IS may grant an extension of no longer than 1 month on the merit of individual cases at the request of the EU.  Otherwise, the application will lapse.  Same Datafeed application from such EU will not be considered within 6 months from the lapse date.The application will be presented to the senior management for approval upon receipt of the One-off Connection Fee; result of the application will normally be available in two weeks.

  3. The One-Off Connection Fee for new datafeed is non-refundable even if the EU decided to withdraw its application after the payment.

  4. A Provisional Approval Letter will be issued and the approval will be conditional upon the applicant’s successful completion of the systems’ Certification Test.  The Certification Test must be completed normally within 2 months from the issuance of the Provisional Approval Letter.  Extension of the certification period may be considered and granted by HKEX-IS on a case by case basis.  Schedule 3 and Schedule 4 MOPP of the Market Data End-User Licence will be issued to the EU upon the completion of its Certification Test.

  5. Datafeed Commencement Date:  The datafeed commencement date must be within 8 months from the date of Letter E2. 

Updated 24 Feb 2016